Wonder Voyage Adult Journeys

Life can be demanding. Managing it all is challenging and often it is our spiritual lives that take the back seat. With limited time to nurture our faith, we can become spiritually hungry. And this is where a Wonder Voyage Adult Journey comes in to play. At Wonder Voyage, we believe that we are endowed by our Creator to seek new landscapes, to expand our understanding of the world and ourselves to connect with God. We believe there is no better way to do this than to embark on a sacred journey of exploration, adventure and wonder.

A Wonder Voyage Adult Journey is an invitation to step away from your day to day life as you travel to an exciting destination where you will encounter intriguing cultures and historic sites, while experiencing the Holy through nature, in worship and in community.

An Adult Journey is your passport to slow down, and to reflect as you sit with God and ponder what is most important in your life. You will return home renewed and restored.

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Upcoming Journeys

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The Benefits of an Adult Journey


Wonder Voyage Adult Journeys offer the opportunity to travel to breathtaking locations throughout the world. What about a domestic journey to historic New Orleans or the mystical landscape of Italy? Perhaps you’re drawn to the rolling hills of Ireland or the jungles of Costa Rica. Adult Journeys bring the mysterious and wondrous world to you.


Adult Journeys invite you to step fully into the journey. Instead of pondering the vital details that can keep a traveler steeped in minutia (like the coordination of transportation, lodging, food and activities), all you have to do is engage and enjoy. Our experienced staff does the work so you can enjoy the benefits.


At Wonder Voyage we recognize that participants will have a unique mix of personalities. After assessing the group’s desires and objectives, we fashion a journey that will become an exceptional and personal experience for each pilgrim.


From unique and exciting locations to remarkable historic and sacred sites, an Adult Journey opens the world to you. On an Adult Journey exploration, discovery and connection are inevitable.


Every Adult Journey consists of defining reflections, moments of life-giving rejuvenation and time for rest, where you can ponder at your own pace. Take a break from the demands of everyday life, and take time for yourself. An Adult Journey gives you time and space for both internal and external exploration.


As a non-profit organization, Wonder Voyage is committed to giving back to the destinations we visit. Our journeys can include an opportunity to serve a local community through hard work with open hearts. Our partners around the globe are also committed to the communities we visit, so whether boosting local economies, building a school, becoming part of a cultural exchange program or serving those in need, an Adult Journey offers the opportunity for you to give back something of value.

Your Wonder Voyage Includes:

Unique and safe lodging.

Whether ancient monasteries, city center hostels, boutique lodges or forest yurts Wonder Voyage secures housing that is culturally unique.

Flexible, personalized itineraries.

Each community that joins one of our trips has a unique DNA and personality that we capture in an itinerary specifically created for that Wonder Voyage.

Cultural immersion experiences on location.

A true traveler explorers every place they travel with intense curiosity. With Wonder Voyage, you won't be a tourist. You will be part of the tribe.

Ground transportation outside of the U.S. and Canada.

Once you land, we are there to meet you and transport you safely from place to place.

Breakfasts and dinners are covered

Every location offers a variety of food that explores cultural and tastes of the region we are visiting. Prepare for a gastronomical adventure.

An experienced guide who will be on your voyage.

With thousands of hours of trips under their belts, Wonder Voyage directors are experts in adventure travel, cultural immersion, and community dynamics.

Daily opportunities to encounter the holy.

Holy encounters are the highest level of experience at Wonder Voyage. We make the space necessary to prepare your hearts for the sacred.

Advance consultation with your Wonder Voyage Director

Your Voyage Director is an expert in the location you are traveling to with Wonder Voyage. They are working hard to help you prepare months in advance.

The Essence of an Adult Journey

The Wonder Voyage Adult Journey is designed to be a journey of a different kind, and you’ll find that what sets us apart from other tours and trips is:


A Wonder Voyage Adult Journeys is A Personalized Journey. Each is unique, customized and created to be an exceptional, personal and spiritual travel experience.


An Adult Journey is A Community Venture. Together, we strive to draw seekers both to the heart of God and to one another. We stand by the creed: Unity in the essentials, Liberty in the non-essentials, and Love in all things.


As A Voyage of Exploration, an Adult Journey invites you to experience travel as a privileged insider, rather than as a tourist. Exciting locations, unique experiences, regional cuisine and historic sites are there to open the eyes and hearts of the pilgrim.


Every Adult Journey provides opportunities for transformational experiences we call Encounter Moments. Through cultural experiences, engaging storytelling, historical discovery and worship opportunities, God meets us face to face, causing our hearts to awaken to both our Creator and creation.


The bond that undergirds Wonder Voyage Adult Journeys is our passion for living an active life with Christ, what we call a Vibrant Faith. Serving you on the journey allows us to worship Christ in an exceptional way.