Phyllis Spiegel

Following in the footsteps of my mother who took bird watchers all over the world, after fourteen years as an Episcopal priest God has shown me a similar path but with pilgrims instead of birders. Stepping out of place and time for the purpose of birthing new places for the divine within and between the pilgrims has become a part of my spiritual DNA. Every pilgrimage begins the excitement, the promise and the birth pangs anew. In between pilgrimages, I am blessed to live out my call as the rector of St. Anne in West Chester, OH.

Walking Borders Abbeys Way
When thinking of walking pilgrimages, the Camino de Santiago often comes to mind. But there are so many other places that offer pilgrims a place and time set apart to encounter the divine. The Borders Abbeys Way (BAW), located in the Borders of Scotland, is ...