Susan Damiano

After a brief career teaching high school math, Susan served in a local parish as Coordinator of Children’s & Youth Ministries for over 20 years. Susan became a Wonder Voyage guide because she loves traveling and experiencing the wonder that the youth experience when exploring new locations.

Racial Injustice
Moment of Wonder: Racial Injustice
Sometimes God plants seeds in our hearts before a pilgrimage, and we don’t even know it until we are on the ground. This was the case for Wonder Voyage Guide Susan Damiano as she led a team to Boston this month. She has had a ...
Wonder of Christmas: Crèche Collection
Wonder of Christmas: Crèche Collection
Editorial note: At Wonder Voyage, wonder is at the heart of everything we do. That focus doesn’t change during the holidays. This Christmas, we are celebrating wonder by sharing some stories and traditions of the holiday season. “the time came for the baby to be ...