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Are You Ready for Three Days of Wonder?

If you're looking to reconnect with wonder, but you aren't ready to commit to a full week of travel, Wonder Voyage's new 3-Day Pilgrimages may be exactly what you're looking for. Check out our newest way to hit the road.
5 Wonder Voyage Reviews

5 Wonder Voyage Reviews

At the close of a successful summer returning to travel after a year of COVID isolation, Wonder Voyage is excited to share 5 reviews about how pilgrimages helped groups focus on transformation, service opportunities, disconnecting from the problems of the world, reconnecting with nature, and strengthening the bonds of a youth group.
Summer 2021 Recap- Reconnecting With Wonder

Summer 2021 Recap: Reconnecting With Wonder

Executive Director Shawn Small recaps what a post-pandemic summer of travel looked like for 350 pilgrims on 23 voyages across 14 states, 5 countries, and 3 continents. If you're ready to reconnect with wonder, learn about the exciting new travel opportunities Wonder Voyage offers.
3-day Pilgrimages

Now Available: 3-Day Pilgrimages

The Wonder Voyage staff took 2020 to travel with their minds when they couldn't travel with their feet. The result was the birth of an amazing new option for clients: 3-Day Pilgrimages.



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