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Celebrating Colby Gardener

Today we celebrate Colby Gardener, one of the newest Wonder Voyage Guides. Executive Director Shawn Small describes him as the Huck Finn to his Tom Sawyer.

Celebrating Jason Wendel

As we celebrate Jason Wendel on his birthday, Executive Director Shawn Small reflects on some of their travel adventures. In November, this pair will join roughly 0.00005% of the human race as they accomplish a goal 30 years in the making!

Celebrating Shawn Small

In celebration of Executive Director Shawn Small's birthday, Molly Wren shares her favorite story about him: the day he baptized his daughter in Ireland.

The Hidden Kingdom: Boundless Expedition into Bhutan

Wonder Voyage Executive Director Shawn Small shares his recent experience on the first Boundless Expeditions trip to Bhutan. Endangered animal sightings, a chance encounter with the future Prime Minister of Bhutan, and being a part of a once-every-three-year tradition alongside the governor... the trip was the adventure of a lifetime.
"Belize-ing” in something more- A pilgrim's reflection

“Belize-ing” in something more: A pilgrim’s reflection

A J2A pilgrim, Riley Nee, shares her life-changing experience in Belize.
Legacy/BE Team

Legacy Voyage and BE return from Kenya with a huge opportunity for our community

Two branches of Wonder Voyage (Legacy Voyages and Boundless Expeditions) joined forces for an epic Kenyan adventure. They returned with stories, pictures, and an opportunity for the Wonder Voyage community to take part in a new project. If you are looking for an end-of-year project for your tax-deductible gifts, Ndoto is a great candidate.
France Adult Journey 2022

Adult Journeys: A Reflection on Southern France

Kristy Caver Wendel shares her recent experience on an Adult Journeys pilgrimage to Southern France. If, as an adult, you've ever dreamed of international travel that you didn't have to plan, check out Kristy's experience with this lesser-known branch of Wonder Voyage.
5 stars

Why Wonder Voyage? 5 Reviews Explain

Wonder Voyage Guides earned 98% positive reviews during Summer travel for 2022! Group leaders boasted that their group grew closer together, broke through cliques, became more mission-minded, and gained new perspectives. Check it out!

Ready To Reconnect With Your Team? 5 Reviews About How A Wonder Voyage Can Help

At Wonder Voyage, our staff does the work so your team can focus on connecting with each other, with the location, and with God. Here are five amazing reviews of that connection in action.
5 star review

The Reviews Are In: 4 Teams, 4 Locations, 4 Life-Changing Adventures

Wonder Voyage takes the work out of pilgrimages and mission trips so the leaders can focus on the team, and the team can focus on the journey before them. Here are four reviews that show what that looks like in action.



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