The Hidden Kingdom: Boundless Expedition into Bhutan

Wonder Voyage Executive Director Shawn Small shares his recent experience on the first Boundless Expeditions trip to Bhutan. Endangered animal sightings, a chance encounter with the future Prime Minister of Bhutan, and being a part of a once-every-three-year tradition alongside the governor... the trip was the adventure of a lifetime.
"Belize-ing” in something more- A pilgrim's reflection

“Belize-ing” in something more: A pilgrim’s reflection

A J2A pilgrim, Riley Nee, shares her life-changing experience in Belize.
A Friend Makes All The Difference

A Friend Makes All The Difference

Wonder Voyage Executive Director Shawn Small shares his physical, mental, and spiritual challenges over the last year and salutes a friend who helps him battle the tides.
France Adult Journey 2022

Adult Journeys: A Reflection on Southern France

Kristy Caver Wendel shares her recent experience on an Adult Journeys pilgrimage to Southern France. If, as an adult, you've ever dreamed of international travel that you didn't have to plan, check out Kristy's experience with this lesser-known branch of Wonder Voyage.

Ready To Reconnect With Your Team? 5 Reviews About How A Wonder Voyage Can Help

At Wonder Voyage, our staff does the work so your team can focus on connecting with each other, with the location, and with God. Here are five amazing reviews of that connection in action.
Following Antonio on El Camino

The Next Chapter: Following Antonio on El Camino

Voyage Guide Antonio Duarte is shedding his old skin and starting fresh in 2022. The first step is a 30-day hike on the El Camino de Santiago beginning January 12. And you get a front-row seat!
5 Lessons From Returning To Travel

5 Essentials of Post-Pandemic Travel

Wonder Voyage Executive Director Shawn Small shares the five essentials of post-pandemic travel. From buying local to serving the community, we must adapt to if we want our future journeys to be sustainable, enjoyable, and leave things better after we depart.
Did You Hear What People Are Saying About Wonder Voyage?

Did You Hear What People Are Saying About Wonder Voyage?

People are talking about the exciting, personalized group trips that Wonder Voyage has to offer groups of all sizes. If you want to hear what the buzz is about, check out these five glowing reviews from some of our 2021 teams!
5 Wonder Voyage Reviews

5 Wonder Voyage Reviews

At the close of a successful summer returning to travel after a year of COVID isolation, Wonder Voyage is excited to share 5 reviews about how pilgrimages helped groups focus on transformation, service opportunities, disconnecting from the problems of the world, reconnecting with nature, and strengthening the bonds of a youth group.
Sublime Moments

Sublime Moments

Executive Director Shawn Small shares how COVID changed the perspective of this summer's pilgrims and equipped them to experience the sublime in a beautiful new way.



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