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Coffee, Sheep Vandals, And Connection For A Lifetime

Coffee, Sheep Vandals, And Connection For A Lifetime

Kelly and Susan Curry of An Tobar Nua in Galway, Ireland share about their connection with Wonder Voyage and how a practical joke led to decades-long story that is now local lore.
New Orleans river boat

Georgia Small on Memories and Milestones

Georgia Small shares a little bit about her history with Wonder Voyage and what it meant to lead our 700th trip to New Orleans.
Church of St. Cavan

Thin Places

Wonder Voyage Executive Director Shawn Small explains what the term "thin places" means through a personal story of his own experience in Ireland.

The COVID Seas Have Calmed: Our International Adventure

Executive Director Shawn Small returned from his first overseas adventure since COVID hit. He shares his learnings on how the pandemic has affected travel both before and during the trip. (Spoiler alert: get ready to dust off your passport.)
Recipes From Around The Globe: Cheryl's Shepherds Pie

Recipes From Around The Globe: Cheryl’s Shepherds Pie

Operations Manager Cheryl Small learned how to make Shepherd's Pie as she catered to Wonder Voyage teams in Ireland. With a few westernized tweaks, this has become a tradition within our community.
Getting Away from the Noise

Away from the Noise

I traveled with Wonder Voyage to Ireland. We sailed by ferry to a small island called Inisheer. Separated from Ireland by the Atlantic, Inisheer has managed to maintain its age-old culture and traditions that have long since been forgotten by the mainland. A place to get away from the noise and discover God.
Jesus Fell - Finding strength during times of weakness and vulnerability.

Jesus Fell

A few years ago, I was blessed to take a group of college students to Ireland with Wonder Voyage. An experience we had there changed my life in significant ways. And not just my life, but the lives of many of my students as well. This is a story about finding strength during times of weakness and vulnerability.
Destination: Ireland

Destination: Ireland

In 2000, Wonder Voyage chose Ireland as its first international destination. Twenty years later, the misty Emerald Isle is now our most extensively explored location and one of which we never tire. Ireland has a way of feeling like home, especially since so many of us have roots that that lead back to her shores.…
A Simple Walk - A Wonder Voyage Story

A Simple Walk

Off of the western wilds of Ireland, the magnificent Cliffs of Moher look toward the Atlantic. For ages Irish monks came to this lonely spot to pray and wait for the coming kingdom. I led the pilgrims from Christ Episcopal to this precipice to give them the opportunity to soak in the beauty and reflect.…



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