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Legacy/BE Team

Legacy Voyage and BE return from Kenya with a huge opportunity for our community

Two branches of Wonder Voyage (Legacy Voyages and Boundless Expeditions) joined forces for an epic Kenyan adventure. They returned with stories, pictures, and an opportunity for the Wonder Voyage community to take part in a new project. If you are looking for an end-of-year project for your tax-deductible gifts, Ndoto is a great candidate.

The Value of Mission: A Repeat Traveler’s Story

Conner Flynn traveled with his youth group on three separate Wonder Voyage trips. Now, as an adult, he reflects on how those mission trips impacted his life.
Building a Legacy in Honduras

Building a Legacy in Honduras

Wonder Voyage is building a Legacy in Honduras! Check out what our team of advocates experienced and learned as they raised funds for an x-ray machine, traveled to meet the staff at the clinic, and served the community of Comayagua.
5 Wonder Voyage Reviews

5 Wonder Voyage Reviews

At the close of a successful summer returning to travel after a year of COVID isolation, Wonder Voyage is excited to share 5 reviews about how pilgrimages helped groups focus on transformation, service opportunities, disconnecting from the problems of the world, reconnecting with nature, and strengthening the bonds of a youth group.
Summer 2021 Recap- Reconnecting With Wonder

Summer 2021 Recap: Reconnecting With Wonder

Executive Director Shawn Small recaps what a post-pandemic summer of travel looked like for 350 pilgrims on 23 voyages across 14 states, 5 countries, and 3 continents. If you're ready to reconnect with wonder, learn about the exciting new travel opportunities Wonder Voyage offers.
Legacy New Orleans- Renovating for Community Renewal

Legacy New Orleans: Renovating for Community Renewal

Wonder Voyage Board Member Michael Fleming shares why his church loves supporting Legacy projects and how these projects add a deeper sense of purpose to their trips.
Big Easy - with a purpose

Big Easy… With A Purpose

Legacy Voyages headed to New Orleans in April to see how their gifts are impacting the area through the YWAM base. While there, the team took in all the sights, sounds, and flavors NOLA has to offer during an unforgettable weekend.
It's About Time: The Value of a Road Trip

It’s About Time: The Value of a Road Trip

Legacy Director Jamie Richardson shares stories of unity and community discovered on road trips throughout her life. If you're itching for travel, Jamie offers hope ... even during a pandemic.
A Non-Traveler’s Reflection on YWAM Belize

A Non-Traveler’s Reflection on YWAM Belize

I was struck by one word that lies at the heart of everything that YWAM Belize does: love. They love the people of their community. They love the youth they serve. They love the partners that come to see their work and be a part of the process.



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