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A Pilgrim's Journey- Why Pilgrimage Matters

A Pilgrim’s Journey: Why Pilgrimage Matters

In the second year of Wonder Voyage, Executive Director Shawn Small discovered the true meaning of pilgrimage. In this article, Michael Flickinger shares how Shawn's experience carrying the cross through Africa impacted how he defined pilgrimage both for himself and the scores of people who have traveled with Wonder Voyage over the last 25 years.

Celebrating Colby Gardener

Today we celebrate Colby Gardener, one of the newest Wonder Voyage Guides. Executive Director Shawn Small describes him as the Huck Finn to his Tom Sawyer.
A Pilgrimage That Led To Ordination

A Pilgrimage That Led To Ordination

As a teenager, Reverend Adelyn Tyler-Williams joined a Wonder Voyage trip to England. Her encounter there changed the trajectory of her entire life.

Celebrating Laurel Coote

Today we celebrate Rev. Laurel Coote. Her experience on a Wonder Voyage changed the trajectory of her life and offer us all hope of what it means to truly have an encounter with God.

Celebrating Eric Neubauer

Today we celebrate Eric Neubauer. Agnostic turned lay minister, Eric is a unique gem within the Wonder Voyage community.

Celebrating Michael Flickinger

Today we celebrate long-time friend and colleague, Michael Flickinger. His service and support to the Wonder Voyage community has changed many lives, including his own.
A Reason to Celebrate

A Reason to Celebrate

Wonder Voyage Executive Director Shawn Small shares why a recent leadership gathering brought him to tears. As Wonder Voyage approaches its 25th anniversary, we have reason to celebrate.
"Belize-ing” in something more- A pilgrim's reflection

“Belize-ing” in something more: A pilgrim’s reflection

A J2A pilgrim, Riley Nee, shares her life-changing experience in Belize.
Moments That Matter

Moments That Matter

Moments of wonder are those indescribable times when God reveals Himself to a team or individual in a very personal way. Legacy Director Jamie Richardson shares how "The Way of Wonder" curriculum can help your team lay the groundwork to open the door for just such an encounter.
How To Become A Story Archeologist

How To Become A Story Archeologist

The beauty of travel is collecting stories from the people and locations you visit. Session 5 of "The Way of Wonder" pilgrimage curriculum shows how to help your team become Story Archeologists.



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