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Wonder Voyage Steps Up to the Plate

Behind the Scenes: Wonder Voyage Steps Up to the Plate

As we approach the halfway point of summer trips, Legacy Director Jamie Richardson shares a behind-the-scenes look at the preparation that goes into each Wonder Voyage pilgrimage.
Wonder Filled June

Wonder-Filled June

Wonder Voyage Executive Director Shawn Small shares the anticipation of beginning our 23rd year of summer pilgrimages. New locations. New Guides. New opportunities to experience wonder.
Don't Be A Religious Tourist

Don’t Be A Religious Tourist

Becoming religious tourists is a trap a lot of pilgrimage and mission teams fall into. In this post, Wonder Voyage Executive Director Shawn Small shares how he discovered what separates great teams from religious tourists and what he has done to help more teams get more from their trips.
Building a Legacy in Honduras

Building a Legacy in Honduras

Wonder Voyage is building a Legacy in Honduras! Check out what our team of advocates experienced and learned as they raised funds for an x-ray machine, traveled to meet the staff at the clinic, and served the community of Comayagua.

How to Prepare for Pilgrimage Using Free Curriculum

Preparing for pilgrimage? The new Way of Wonder curriculum breaks down the six critical elements that separate good teams from great ones. And it's available for free.
Following Antonio on El Camino

The Next Chapter: Following Antonio on El Camino

Voyage Guide Antonio Duarte is shedding his old skin and starting fresh in 2022. The first step is a 30-day hike on the El Camino de Santiago beginning January 12. And you get a front-row seat!
5 Lessons From Returning To Travel

5 Essentials of Post-Pandemic Travel

Wonder Voyage Executive Director Shawn Small shares the five essentials of post-pandemic travel. From buying local to serving the community, we must adapt to if we want our future journeys to be sustainable, enjoyable, and leave things better after we depart.

The COVID Seas Have Calmed: Our International Adventure

Executive Director Shawn Small returned from his first overseas adventure since COVID hit. He shares his learnings on how the pandemic has affected travel both before and during the trip. (Spoiler alert: get ready to dust off your passport.)
Did You Hear What People Are Saying About Wonder Voyage?

Did You Hear What People Are Saying About Wonder Voyage?

People are talking about the exciting, personalized group trips that Wonder Voyage has to offer groups of all sizes. If you want to hear what the buzz is about, check out these five glowing reviews from some of our 2021 teams!
5 Wonder Voyage Reviews

5 Wonder Voyage Reviews

At the close of a successful summer returning to travel after a year of COVID isolation, Wonder Voyage is excited to share 5 reviews about how pilgrimages helped groups focus on transformation, service opportunities, disconnecting from the problems of the world, reconnecting with nature, and strengthening the bonds of a youth group.



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