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5 Wonder Voyage Reviews

5 Wonder Voyage Reviews

At the close of a successful summer returning to travel after a year of COVID isolation, Wonder Voyage is excited to share 5 reviews about how pilgrimages helped groups focus on transformation, service opportunities, disconnecting from the problems of the world, reconnecting with nature, and strengthening the bonds of a youth group.
New Pilgrimage Location- North Carolina

New Pilgrimage Location: North Carolina

Voyage Coordinator Brittany Golden shares highlights of a recent scouting trip to North Carolina. If you're looking for oddities, a rich history, and a touch of mystery, check out this unique road trip opportunity.
Top 5 Road Trips to Connect with Wonder

Top 5 Road Trips to Connect with Wonder

Wonder Voyage Executive Director Shawn Small reflects on his family's tradition of road trips and highlights 5 great Wonder Voyage road trip options. Ready to travel? Wonder is closer than you think.
It's About Time: The Value of a Road Trip

It’s About Time: The Value of a Road Trip

Legacy Director Jamie Richardson shares stories of unity and community discovered on road trips throughout her life. If you're itching for travel, Jamie offers hope ... even during a pandemic.



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