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Celebrating Eric Neubauer

Today we celebrate Eric Neubauer. Agnostic turned lay minister, Eric is a unique gem within the Wonder Voyage community.
A Belize Legacy- Thoughts from a 5-time traveler

A Belize Legacy: Thoughts from a 5-time traveler

Two Texas churches, Cornerstone in Rowlett and Whitehouse First Assembly,  have partnered with Wonder Voyage Legacy to invest in a small community in Belize for half a decade. Vickie Summers, Cornerstone's Missions Director, has served there five times! This is what she shared about her most recent visit.
The Job Nobody Wants

Sacred Service: The Job Nobody Wants

Wonder Voyage specializes in service projects that are a step beyond the norm. We call this Sacred Service. Legacy Director Jamie Richardson dives into what that means and what it looks like when your team takes on The Job Nobody Wants.
Legacy/BE Team

Legacy Voyage and BE return from Kenya with a huge opportunity for our community

Two branches of Wonder Voyage (Legacy Voyages and Boundless Expeditions) joined forces for an epic Kenyan adventure. They returned with stories, pictures, and an opportunity for the Wonder Voyage community to take part in a new project. If you are looking for an end-of-year project for your tax-deductible gifts, Ndoto is a great candidate.

The Value of Mission: A Repeat Traveler’s Story

Conner Flynn traveled with his youth group on three separate Wonder Voyage trips. Now, as an adult, he reflects on how those mission trips impacted his life.
Building a Legacy in Honduras

Building a Legacy in Honduras

Wonder Voyage is building a Legacy in Honduras! Check out what our team of advocates experienced and learned as they raised funds for an x-ray machine, traveled to meet the staff at the clinic, and served the community of Comayagua.
5 Lessons From Returning To Travel

5 Essentials of Post-Pandemic Travel

Wonder Voyage Executive Director Shawn Small shares the five essentials of post-pandemic travel. From buying local to serving the community, we must adapt to if we want our future journeys to be sustainable, enjoyable, and leave things better after we depart.
Did You Hear What People Are Saying About Wonder Voyage?

Did You Hear What People Are Saying About Wonder Voyage?

People are talking about the exciting, personalized group trips that Wonder Voyage has to offer groups of all sizes. If you want to hear what the buzz is about, check out these five glowing reviews from some of our 2021 teams!
Legacy New Orleans- Renovating for Community Renewal

Legacy New Orleans: Renovating for Community Renewal

Wonder Voyage Board Member Michael Fleming shares why his church loves supporting Legacy projects and how these projects add a deeper sense of purpose to their trips.
Mission Trip or Pilgrimage

Mission Trip or Pilgrimage: A Definition

Short term missions has become big business. Wonder Voyage started twenty years ago because, at the time, a good number of trips through mission organizations were being carried out in ways that were were unnecessary, unethical, and in bad taste. The only pilgrimage offerings, at that time, were from travel agencies that booked a local…



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