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Defining Your Community Quest

Defining Your Community Quest

One of the amazing aspects of going on a pilgrimage or mission trip is that you get to define your team's quest. Rather than sitting back and being a passive observer, you can be an integral part of the story. Legacy Voyages Director Jamie Richardson shares the value of defining the quest and how to make it a team activity.
Connect With Wonder

How To Connect With Wonder

Have you noticed the buzz around the idea of wonder lately? Legacy Voyages Director Jamie Richardson dives into what exactly wonder is, and how we can help our teams connect with wonder while on pilgrimage.

Lectio Divina 101

Lectio Divina is a practice of meditating on scripture. Wonder Voyage utilizes Lectio on pilgrimages, and it is also included in "The Way of Wonder" curriculum. Executive Director Shawn Small shares the history of the practice and how your team can make it part of your spiritual journey.



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