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Coffee, Sheep Vandals, And Connection For A Lifetime

Coffee, Sheep Vandals, And Connection For A Lifetime

Kelly and Susan Curry of An Tobar Nua in Galway, Ireland share about their connection with Wonder Voyage and how a practical joke led to decades-long story that is now local lore.

The Hidden Kingdom: Boundless Expedition into Bhutan

Wonder Voyage Executive Director Shawn Small shares his recent experience on the first Boundless Expeditions trip to Bhutan. Endangered animal sightings, a chance encounter with the future Prime Minister of Bhutan, and being a part of a once-every-three-year tradition alongside the governor... the trip was the adventure of a lifetime.
A Reason to Celebrate

A Reason to Celebrate

Wonder Voyage Executive Director Shawn Small shares why a recent leadership gathering brought him to tears. As Wonder Voyage approaches its 25th anniversary, we have reason to celebrate.
New Orleans river boat

Georgia Small on Memories and Milestones

Georgia Small shares a little bit about her history with Wonder Voyage and what it meant to lead our 700th trip to New Orleans.
"Belize-ing” in something more- A pilgrim's reflection

“Belize-ing” in something more: A pilgrim’s reflection

A J2A pilgrim, Riley Nee, shares her life-changing experience in Belize.
Legacy NYC - Reconnecting with why we serve

Leaving A Legacy One Project At A Time

Brent Richardson shares how the 2023 New York City trip helped him reconnect with what living a legacy means.
A Belize Legacy- Thoughts from a 5-time traveler

A Belize Legacy: Thoughts from a 5-time traveler

Two Texas churches, Cornerstone in Rowlett and Whitehouse First Assembly,  have partnered with Wonder Voyage Legacy to invest in a small community in Belize for half a decade. Vickie Summers, Cornerstone's Missions Director, has served there five times! This is what she shared about her most recent visit.
Top 5 Questions for Summer Trips

Top 5 Questions for Summer Trips

Wonder Voyage Communications Director Jamie Richardson answers the top 5 questions about summer travel, including how to follow the adventures online, the last-minute item to make sure you have packed, and how to share your stories of wonder.
The Chairousel at the Chairy Orchard

Wonder Moment: The Chairousel at the Chairy Orchard

Senior Voyage Coordinator Molly Wren reflects on the wonder she discovered at a folk art landmark in Denton, Texas called "The Chairy Orchard." Wonder, it seems, can be found in the most unexpected of places.
Moments That Matter

Moments That Matter

Moments of wonder are those indescribable times when God reveals Himself to a team or individual in a very personal way. Legacy Director Jamie Richardson shares how "The Way of Wonder" curriculum can help your team lay the groundwork to open the door for just such an encounter.



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