Wonder Moment: Shoes for a Blind Woman

For the past two summers, I’ve traveled to Belize to serve along with my church family. Money is tight, but I believe in the power of missions, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. What I never expected, however, is that I would get as much of a faith lift from these journeys as I gave to those I was serving.

The story begins two years ago when my team went into a local village to pray with the people and invite them to church. Most of our team went one direction, but four of us went the opposite way. One of the girls in our small group noticed some houses on a hill. We soon learned that the church had never actually visited that community. So we went.

We met a blind lady at the first house we went to. She told us her story, and we began to pray for her. When she opened her eyes she could see some light for the first time in a long time. We continued to pray, and we asked her to join us for church that night. She promised she would…if it wasn’t raining.

By that night there was a light drizzle in the air, and the lady’s boyfriend stopped us at the door. He said the rain was too much for the lady to leave. At that very moment, the rain stopped, but he still refused to let her go. We walked away with heaviness in our hearts.

Soon the bus showed up full of kids ready for the church service. We went to the village to pick up one blind lady, but God gave us 10-15 kids instead!

Though the time in Belize was fantastic, I didn’t feel like my work was done. The following summer, I raised the funds again, and again I returned with most of the same travel mates as the year before. We couldn’t wait to go back and see our blind friend because we had spent the entire year praying for her.

When we got to the village, we learned that she had moved to a smaller place in the back. She told us how depressed she was and how alone she felt and how she had lost her faith. She said that having us there was the first time she’d felt loved in a long time.

We asked why she had not attended church since we knew rides had been offered several times. That’s when she admitted that she was ashamed that she didn’t have shoes. She was a diabetic, and she was fearful that her feet would get hurt and that she wouldn’t be able to see how bad they were.

If shoes were the only thing standing between this woman and church, we had to remove that obstacle.

One lady from our team asked what size she wore, and then she took off her own shoes and put them on the blind woman’s feet. They were a perfect fit.

Our friend promised to come to church with us that night, and she did. We were thankful to see a broken woman restored, saved, and ready to serve the Lord because some women from Texas were willing to give of themselves in a very real way.

My name is Amanda I am just a stay at home mom for the past 4 years and a CNA before that. God has began a huge change in my life when he called me to my first mission trip several years ago to Haiti! I want all the nations to know God and how powerful and wonderful He is!

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