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Wonder Voyage Destinations

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is a name that invokes a multitude of descriptors from vastly different perspectives. For world travelers, she is considered a natural beauty who displays herself as a masterpiece of the Creator. Many of her citizens remember the oppressive days of Apartheid, the District forced evacuations, and racism that hung heavy over people of…

Starting Price: $1650


Kenya is exactly as you imagined the wilds of Africa to be. It is a mix of vibrant tribal culture and astounding landscape. The people of this country have stood strong in the face of adversity and are rebuilding as a community after a past of hardships. You will be drawn to the exotic and natural…

Starting Price: $1495


Rwanda is a country that has picked itself up from the ashes of war and terror and has transformed into a place of resilient and strong people. This community is bound together in the pursuit of a brighter future for the following generations. Reborn, Rwanda reminds us of how Christ gave us our lives again…

Starting Price: $1495

South Africa

South Africa is one of the most visited and well-known locations on the continent of Africa. With Krueger National Park on the horizon, visitors from all over the world seek adventure in this distinct setting. But beneath the surface are a resolute people who struggle to survive day to day. A pilgrimage or missions trip to South…

Starting Price: $1675

South Sudan

After fifty years of civil war, South Sudan became the newest nation in the world. Through years of hardship, poverty, political challenges and war, South Sudan became a nation of resilient people who long for peace. From the ashes the people have risen to build a brighter future. South Sudan is ripe for teams to…

Starting Price: $1495


Home to the highest mountain range in Africa, Uganda is a country above the rest. This location is the source of the Nile River and provides access to a rare and beautiful landscape. In 1907 Winston Churchill believed Uganda to be “the pearl of Africa.” Even now it is a country bustling with life, color, and…

Starting Price: $1495


Zambia is one of the most rural parts of Africa that you will find. Far from the tourist locations, this country has held tight to its cultural roots and natural, rugged attraction. Home to dusty plains and the powerful Victoria Falls, Zambia is a mixture of awe and adventure. This wild land is for those…

Starting Price: $1495
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