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Belize stands out from her Central American neighbors in several exceptional ways. Belize is the only Central American country whose national language is English. This territory was once the center of a vast Mayan kingdom but its modern roots were set by English pirates. Though extremely poor, Belize has the highest literary rate in Central…

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Costa Rica

On his final voyage to the New World, Christopher Columbus came upon what he considered a place of pure paradise. Costa Rica is quite a different Central American location. She is the only Central American country to not be ravaged by war in the 20th century. Costa Rica’s stable economy has created the environment in which…

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El Salvador

El Salvador is a country with a torrid past: war, natural disasters, unstable governments and a massive gap between the wealthy and the poor. This is a country that bares its scars, even today. Yet, El Salvador is moving toward change. A country with diverse regions, a beautiful Pacific coast and rumbling volcanoes, El Salvador…

Volcano in Cerro Verde National Park - El Salvador.
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Guatemala is a country of rugged beauty and natural wonder. All of Central America’s best attributes seem to be condensed into this nation. It contains the highest concentration of active volcanoes in the Americas. Shadows of the ancient Mayan civilization that once ruled here are found among numerous awe-inspiring ruins. But it is the people…

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Surrounded by beautiful mountains, Comayagua is a small city situated 2.5 hours outside the capital of Honduras. Upon arrival you will be confronted by the contrast between the majesty of the natural surroundings and the harsh poverty that affects every aspect of Honduran society. While in Honduras, your team has the opportunity to participate in…

Visit Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Comayagua, Honduras on a Mission Trip with Wonder Voyage.
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Though it is the size of the State of New York, the country of Nicaragua seems as expansive as any country could be. With vast lakes, active volcanoes, the Mosquito Coast, and the Selva Negra, beautiful landscapes are never far away, and the songs of the mountain forests seem to sing the eerie laments of…

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Panama has long been one of the most fascinating destinations in Central America, tirelessly fought over by various countries and powers around the world. Located on the isthmus between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Panama is the shortcut between the East and West. The link between Central and South America contains a mix of diverse…

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