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Romania is a country that evokes dark legends and mythic tales. Idyllic mountains, impressive fortresses and a history of invading armies becomes the foundation for a fascinating visit. Years of oppressive communism left Romania in shambles, but over the last few years, this nation of strong, independent and creative people has come back strong. Romania’s…

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Rome, Italy

In the ancient world, Rome was the quintessential “power player.” Her architecture, infrastructure, and polity were all used as models for other civilizations as the scope of the world grew. If we look at the world of today, we must look back at the world of yesterday and acknowledge that in a variety of respects,…

Italy Wonder Voyage
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As one of the largest nations in the world, Russia still remains an obscure location to many westerners. Eighty years of communism kept Russia locked up tight behind the Iron Curtain. For many, Russia is a location that longs to be explored. From the capital city of Moscow to the coastal wonder of St. Petersburg,…

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To think of Scotland is to hear the pipes and smell the heather in your mind. Undoubtedly, the 1995 Academy Award winning movie Braveheart brought Scotland to the front of our minds. Can you say, “FREEEEDDOOOOMMMM!” Scotland is a land of tough Highlanders, aristocratic Lowlanders and possibly even a Loch Ness monster. Like her Celtic…

Visit Lindisfarne, Scotland on a Pilgrimage or Mission Trip to Scotland with Wonder Voyage.
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When you enter Spain you feel as if you are suspended in time. Cutting-edge modern society merges with antiquity in a smooth transition. Abounding with living relics from across history, region and religion, Spain is the time capsule of Europe. She is also a historical epicenter of pilgrimage. The mysteries of Spain will surely enchant.…

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One of the things we love most about Switzerland is that it is the perfect combination of France, Germany and Italy. Diversity is a gift Switzerland brings to Europe: snow-peaked mountains, lush emerald valleys, preserved medieval towns, towering cathedrals and the most efficient train system in the world. This summer and winter paradise is where…

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The Western Islands, Scotland

The Hebrides seems to be where the old and wild world that once was planted its feet deep into the Earth. The rugged emerald coastline and wild sapphire sea merge in this place drenched in legends and stories of the past. Scotland’s Hebrides is not only the root of the wild Earth, but also the…

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Wales is a country easier to understand if you trace its history. After AD 410, the invading Saxons pushed the Celts, who had occupied the whole of Britain, into the corners of the island. Suddenly, the Celts were isolated and repressed, but they remained closely united. Their stories began to solidify into legends, their beliefs…

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