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Wonder Voyage Destinations


Alaska has been called America’s last great frontier. Double the size of Texas, Alaska is a mammoth of nature. The region’s original people, the Aleut and Eskimo are still vibrant cultures today. From the pristine rainforest of Southeast Alaska to the Arctic Circle, Alaska remains a land of mystery for those willing to explore the…

Starting Price: $995


Albuquerque is a bustling city tucked below the golden Sandia Mountains. Whispers of its past are preserved in its art and culture, mixing old life with new. The colors, the smiles, the sounds, and the sights will all be there to welcome you in. A Wonder Voyage to Albuquerque promises adventure and awe. From the…

Starting Price: $540


When we think about Arizona, the first words that come to mind are diversity, beauty and awe. From the astonishingly lush Sonoran Desert to the breathtaking red rocks of Sedona, to the ancient and multi-layered Hopi and Navajo population, to the Grandest of Canyons in the world, Arizona has something to offer everyone. Your group can…

Hike through canyons and rivers on a Mission Trip or Pilgrimage to Arizona with Wonder Voyage.
Starting Price: $680

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is the sort of city that takes you by surprise. We know Atlanta today as one of the South’s grand cities of commerce, industry and entertainment. Did you know that Atlanta once burned to the ground? Or that its one of the few cities in the US with professional companies in opera, ballet, symphony and…

Starting Price: $505

Austin, Texas

It started as a joke, but the slogan “Keep Austin Weird” has been with us for a few years now—and it shows no signs of going away. Austin is an anomaly in Texas. In a state where bigger is always better, Austin likes to keep things more a bit more down-to-earth. If you take a Wonder…

Starting Price: $455

Banff, Calgary, Canada

The picturesque Alberta province town of Banff was aptly named after its stunning sister city in Scotland. Settled entirely within the confines of a national park, Banff has long been a destination for people seeking adventure in the great outdoors. This gem in the Canadian Rockies is an ideal location to encounter God outside the…

Starting Price: $795

Birmingham, Alabama

For decades, Birmingham was known as an iron and steel town. The beautiful surrounding hills were filled with a sizeable amount of raw materials to help spur on America’s industrial revolution. Founded after the Civil War, the little town exploded in growth with the coming of the railroad. Another revolution happened less than a hundred years…

Starting Price: $505


This is an intelligent city full of new ideas and a fervent respect for its history. After all, it is one of the oldest cities in the country. In Boston, you can walk historic routes, watch a classic game of baseball, or engage in deep conversation with people that you meet. A Wonder Voyage to…

The skyline on a Boston mission trip or pilgrimage with Wonder Voyage.
Starting Price: $625

Charleston, South Carolina

The South Carolina Low Country Stretches from Murrell’s Inlet to just below Charleston. In that small stretch of coastline lives some of our country’s greatest sorrow. Yet it is filled with tremendous promise. Charleston was one of the earliest established ports in the United States, importing and exporting goods and slaves from across the globe…

Starting Price: $680

Chicago, Illinois

In years past, Chicago was an important destination for trade. Indians and adventurers used it for portage between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi. Eventually, the railroads and highways from both coasts and Canada met in the city, making it an important place of industry and commerce. Now the Windy City is a massive center…

Starting Price: $625


Dominated by the great Rocky Mountains, Colorado is your base camp for high adventure and unique spiritual endeavors. You will begin your missions trip or pilgrimage in Colorado Springs, but our roads will take us deeper into the surrounding wilds. Our quiet retreat will bring you ample opportunities to pray, reflect and worship. During your…

Starting Price: $655

Dallas, Texas

Dallas is the place Wonder Voyage calls home. Most of us do not walk around with big cowboy hats and six shooters. We are a sprawling Metroplex of 4 million people representing nations from all over the globe. Don’t mess with Texas is our theme, but we do need your help. Our Dallas missions trips…

Starting Price: $425

Galveston, Texas

Galveston Island, on the Texas Gulf Coast, was originally inhabited by the Karankawa and Akokisa tribes, and was later claimed by both France and Spain. The first long term European settlers were actually French pirates and the island became the first major seaport in Texas. Like many seaport locales, Galveston’s position as a cultural crossroads…

Starting Price: $455

Grand Tetons, Wyoming

The area encompassed by Grand Teton National Park was visited for hundreds of years by nomadic Indian tribes. Later, mountain men and trappers ventured through in search of beaver. By the late 1800’s, settlers raising cattle and harvesting hay were part of the landscape. While the human inhabitants have varied through the course of history,…

Starting Price: $730

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Nestled between green mountains and raging white waters lies Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. It is a city soaked in history that spans America’s 200 plus years. Travelers can now find peace and rejuvenation in a land that was once a pivotal location in U.S. History during the Civil War. Wonder Voyage takes you to the…

Starting Price: $680


The world has changed in ways that keep our heads spinning. Technology, travel, entertainment, consumerism, and the increased growth of the suburbs make life run on fast mode in a constant, forward motion. What if you could take a week to travel back in time and experience a farm community as it was 30 years ago?…

Starting Price: $380

Kansas City, Kansas

In many ways, Kansas City reminds us of the idyllic American summer day. People go about their business, like hardworking bees among the numerous parks and boulevards. Refreshing water bubbles up from nearly 200 fountains, providing children with a cool retreat from the hot sun. The smells of world-famous barbecue linger in the clear air….

Starting Price: $505

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is a city known for movie magic, the Hollywood sign, and celebrities. If you push past the surface you will find an eclectic city full of many different cultures and ideas. You’ll be immersed in the hustle and bustle  of the city, where going after your dreams is contagious. Turn your global eyes to…

Starting Price: $625


Its scenic seacoast, beaches, lakes, and mountains make Maine a popular place to visit. Join us as we explore the rich beauty of The Pine Tree State. Here you will find granite cliffs with sand and cobblestone beaches and glacier-carved mountains rising up from the sea. Here, too, are meadows and marshes and dense evergreen…

Starting Price: $730

Memphis, Tennessee

Before there were intercontinental railroads and interstate highways, there was the mighty Mississippi River. As a conduit of people, goods, information, and ideas, the Mississippi helped form major parts of this nation. The cities along its banks became hubs of commerce as well as laboratories for dreams both large and small. Memphis, Tennessee, is one…

Starting Price: $505
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