Wonder Voyage Destinations

Toronto, Canada

Founded by French traders in the 1600’s, the name Toronto means ‘the meeting place’ in the Huron language. Toronto is the largest metropolis in Canada, and is heralded as one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Over 100 languages are spoken in Toronto and 48% of Toronto’s population is immigrants. This surprising city…

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From the pine-forested Wasatch Mountains to the red rock desert, Utah offers your pilgrims a variety of natural adventures. Utah embodies stories of westbound pioneers, First Nation legends, and creatures of Jurassic proportions. Visit sleepy, outdoorsy and progressive towns, and throw in the cultural mecca of Salt Lake City, and you have an incredible destination.…

Delicate Arch - Utah Wonder Voyage
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Vancouver, Canada

In 2016 the city of Vancouver celebrated its 130th birthday. While considered a very young city by European standards, Vancouver has a rich history and culture all of its own. With the most temperate climate in all of Canada, Vancouver has been voted one of the most “livable cities” in the world. Whether your interest…

Take a moment to reflect or worship at Christ Church Cathedral on a mission trip or pilgrimage to Vancouver with Wonder Voyage.
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Washington, D.C.

Compared to cities in Europe, Washington, DC is relatively young at just over 200 years old. The ideals upon which our nation and its capital were founded here: liberty, equality, and justice. From the historic monuments, to the seats of government, to the ethnic neighborhoods, this city has something for everyone. A Washington, D.C. missions…

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Williamsburg, Virginia

There are so many amazing stories tied to the creation and development of our nation; and there are few locations that can boast of as many important stories as Virginia. From historic settlements, to battlefields, to seats of government, Virginia has played a pivotal role in the story that depicts our colorful nation. Join Wonder…

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