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Beware! To consider the Amazon is to consider a veiled world of mystery.  Explore vast emerald jungles filled with undiscovered flora and fauna.  Tribal people, whose exposure to the outside world is limited, are your only contacts.  The line between mythology and reality is blurred in midnight tales around the fire.  A visit to the…

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Bolivia is one of South America’s most fascinating countries. Her muscular mountainous beauty, colorful smiling people and adventurous atmosphere will tap into your inner Indiana Jones. Rocks, rivers, and ravines will expand your definition of natural beauty. With South America’s largest percentage of indigenous people, our local guides will bring you in as a cherished…

Illimani Mountain, Bolivia
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As the gatekeeper of South America, Colombia is a portal into another world. As you wander the streets of old Cartagena’s colonial seaport, filled with breathtaking architecture and rich history, it’s easy to imagine life in the 17th century. The Old City seamlessly merges with a new world-centric social scene. Even though Columbia is rushing…

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Welcome to Ecuador, your door into South America. Ecuador is a place of diverse landscapes like golden beaches, lush Amazonian rainforests and the majestic Andes Mountains. This is a land filled with history, both Mayan and European, and volcanic mystery. Ecuador is literally the center of the world with Quito, the capital city, as her…

Visit with Local Ecuadorians Mission Trip or Pilgrimage to Ecuador.
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Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are one of the world’s most unique nature sights. This young Archipelago, lying a few hundred miles off the Ecuadorian coast, protects some of the rarest species in the world. As a hideout for buccaneers, this volcanic paradise is a nature lover’s dream. Living in a highly protected park, the animals of…

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Machu Picchu

Peru is a country that calls out to the explorer trapped within. Even today, she is defined by vast emerald jungles cut only by the flow of the mighty Amazon, mighty mountains that once were considered home of the gods, and one of the most diverse cultures in South America. A voyage to Peru is…

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When you fly into Lima, the capital of Peru, you are immediately struck by the rapid modernity of this evolving metroplex.  Lima is one of the most vibrant cities in South America, filled with delightful cuisine choices, miles of Pacific beaches, diverse and colorful neighborhoods and a young population looking toward the future. Spend a…

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Quito, Ecuador

The city of Quito offers an exquisite look into the wild beauty of Ecuador. Its narrow streets are busting at the seams with history, flavor, color, and life! Visitors come from all over the world to straddle the equator line that runs directly through the city. Wonder Voyage will take you on a sweeping adventure…

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