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Surrounded by beautiful mountains, Comayagua is a small city situated 2.5 hours outside the capital of Honduras. Upon arrival you will be confronted by the contrast between the majesty of the natural surroundings and the harsh poverty that affects every aspect of Honduran society. While in Honduras, your team has the opportunity to participate in…

Visit Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Comayagua, Honduras on a Mission Trip with Wonder Voyage.
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Hungary is a treasure trove of discovery. In this amalgamation of Eastern and Western Europe you have Budapest, one of the most stunning, vibrant and accessible cities in Europe but also a nation with one of the richest living folk traditions on the Continent. You will split your time between the architecturally diverse Budapest and…

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Iceland is one of the youngest landmasses on the planet. Just ask her volcanoes. As the meeting point of the North American and European plates, Iceland is perpetually moving, breathing, expanding and shifting. Settled originally by Irish monks and later by the Vikings, Iceland’s allure is the unknown. And in the summer, twenty-two hours of…

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Throughout this vast planet, you will find no greater diversity of culture than in India. Every region, every village, every corner of India will charge your senses with a rainbow of shades and hues, smells both delicious and arresting, and sounds unidentifiable and melodious. To visit India is to encounter a country and people, who…

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Iona, Scotland

They were thirteen men, set loose on the wild Irish Sea. Throwing their sails to the wind, they wholly trusted the spirit of God to lead them. Their exile was self-imposed; it was known as White Martyrdom. They left their beloved Ireland not in search of adventure but in bold obedience. Their trust would be…

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The world has changed in ways that keep our heads spinning. Technology, travel, entertainment, consumerism, and the increased growth of the suburbs make life run on fast mode in a constant, forward motion. What if you could take a week to travel back in time and experience a farm community as it was 30 years ago?…

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The Emerald Isle is a land of great beauty and turbulent unrest, raucous laughter and bitter tears. Steeped in a rich Christian tradition, it was once known as the ‘Land of Saints and Scholars’. But today, Ireland is in the midst of a great collective change. Wonder Voyage has been traveling to this radiant isle…

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For thousands of years, the region encompassed by the modern day nation of Israel has been a gathering place for many different cultures, customs, ethnic groups, and religious traditions. As a result, the history of the area is one that includes a myriad of triumphs and tragedies, hopes and heartaches, destruction and reconstruction. For the…

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Italy was the cradle for modern Western civilization: it stood as the nexus of philosophy, religion, trade, art and science. Ancient Italy’s impact upon our modern world is a profound one. Now, though we only glimpse remnants of the world’s largest empire; we can behold spectacles of great art in Florence, or realize the words…

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Italy: Footsteps of St. Francis

He wept beneath the battered cross in the crumbling church of San Damiano wondering what had become of his life.  Once, the prized child of Assisi, privileged, rich, handsome and the life of every gathering, had come to the end of himself. Nothing that he once prized mattered anymore. Francis spoke allowed to the Lord,…

Footsteps of Francis in Italy - Wonder Voyage Adult Trip
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When reggae hit the charts through the lyrics and music of Bob Marley, Jamaica hit the map. Its beaches, mountains and deep red sunsets regularly appear in the sort of tourist brochures that promise paradise. Jamaica is a favored destination for many traveling to the Caribbean. The tourist veneer gives way when you visit the…

Starting Price: $995

Kansas City, Kansas

In many ways, Kansas City reminds us of the idyllic American summer day. People go about their business, like hardworking bees among the numerous parks and boulevards. Refreshing water bubbles up from nearly 200 fountains, providing children with a cool retreat from the hot sun. The smells of world-famous barbecue linger in the clear air….

Starting Price: $505


Kenya is exactly as you imagined the wilds of Africa to be. It is a mix of vibrant tribal culture and astounding landscape. The people of this country have stood strong in the face of adversity and are rebuilding as a community after a past of hardships. You will be drawn to the exotic and natural…

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At 62 square miles, the Principality of Liechtenstein is one of the smallest nations in the world. It is also the wealthiest per capita. A landlocked alpine country, Liechtenstein can easily remind its visitors how kings and queens once ruled Europe. With close ties to both Austria and Switzerland, Liechtenstein is an amalgamation of both…

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Lindisfarne and East, England

The small team of Iona monks entered Northumbria at the request of the mighty Anglo-Saxon king Oswald. Aidan received the call in 635 A.D. with his renowned zeal for Christ. He asked Oswald for a tiny tidal isle off the mainland to establish a monastery and learning center. This island would be sanctified as Lindisfarne….

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London, England

Essentially, London is the city of the World. Historically, it plays an important role in our cultural past: we take our language, our love of literature, and much of our culture from the denizens of London. Figures like Shakespeare and Milton follow us throughout our scholastic lives. Modern London, however, contains what seems like a…

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Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is a city known for movie magic, the Hollywood sign, and celebrities. If you push past the surface you will find an eclectic city full of many different cultures and ideas. You’ll be immersed in the hustle and bustle  of the city, where going after your dreams is contagious. Turn your global eyes to…

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Luxembourg will surprise you. A people surrounded by several neighboring nations, Luxembourgers are proud of their heritage and history. Not far outside of Luxembourg City is the American Cemetery where 5,000 of the 80,000 Americans, that gave their lives in the Battle of the Bulge, are buried. The visit will touch your heart. The great…

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At first you might think that this small country, which you most likely heard in Sunday School, is a blip on the map. What you will soon learn is that Macedonia is a destination bursting with untold stories and exploration not common in today’s travel savvy world. Though thoroughly modern, Macedonia is a hidden gem…

White swans on Ohrid lake
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Machu Picchu

Peru is a country that calls out to the explorer trapped within. Even today, she is defined by vast emerald jungles cut only by the flow of the mighty Amazon, mighty mountains that once were considered home of the gods, and one of the most diverse cultures in South America. A voyage to Peru is…

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