Mission Trip or Pilgrimage to Austin: Perfectly Imperfect

"Keep Austin Weird is its official motto."
  • Narrative Voyage

There’s no city on earth like Austin, TX. As the Live Music Capitol of the World, it calls visitors like a siren. As the Texas Capitol, there’s a fair share of cultured cowboys and southern hospitality, and the food alone is worth a trip. You are drawn to Austin for one reason, then discover an alternate universe once you arrive. Keep Austin Weird is it official motto. A large portion of its residents expresses their identity in the most unique ways possible.

Our Perfectly imperfect voyage in this quirky city opens doors for pilgrims to show their truest selves with one another and those we meet along the way. We will walk amongst some of the city’s unique treasures and compare them to our idea of “normal”. Most importantly embrace its extraordinary people with open arms and servants’ hearts. From the outskirts of Mt. Bonnell to the city’s center at Capitol Hill, we will explore the very best that Austin has to offer and in return, serve the city, and celebrate what makes us different.


  • Take in views of Lake Austin the Colorado River and downtown Austin at scenic Mt. Bonnell. 
  • Marvel at the obscure talents of a sideshow performer. 
  • Be welcomed at a groundbreaking village that provides a supportive community to the previously homeless. 
  • Visit the Cathedral of Junk and learn about Austin’s first “yardist”. 
  • Experience Austin’s eccentric food culture and see what put them on the map.
  • Visit a Museum of the Weird


Starting at
$515* per person
  • *This is the base cost of the trip. Your cost may differ depending on housing, activities, etc.