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At Wonder Voyage, we consider exploration and adventure to be cornerstones of our organization. We have a pioneering spirit and a calling to create journeys that participants will remember for a lifetime. We look for unique settings,cultural challenges, and the jobs that no one else wants to do. We believe many of our clients possess…

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Borders Abbeys Way

In the seventh century, a small group of monks left Iona at the request of the Anglo-Saxon king, Oswald. They were commissioned to bring the light of Christ to a dark and warring Northumbria. Aidan, a man with a renowned zeal for Christ, volunteered for the mission. The only thing he asked Oswald for was…

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Camino de Santiago

Since the 9th century, the Camino de Santiago has been one of the world’s most active walking pilgrimages. Trailing across northern Spain, and another number of routes across Europe, the Way, as it is known in English, still draws a couple hundred thousand people a year. The shell, a well-worn symbol of the Way, reminds…

Trail marker on a pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago with Wonder Voyage.
Starting Price: $1665

Canterbury and South England

Four men, knights of the king, embarked on a mission for their sovereign. This would not be a mission of mercy or state. It would be a charge of revenge. Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, had defied the king. The priest understood the consequences of his actions but he would not be turned away from…

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Crete, Greece

As a child, you inevitably studied the Greek myths, hero tales of old. On the island of Crete, the great city of Knossos grew into a place of commerce and power. This is the location of the great underground labyrinth and its guard the Minotaur. This was one of the islands where Paul sought harbor…

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In the year 295 AD, the Roman emperor Diocletian began building his retirement palace on the main harbor in what is now the city of Split, Croatia. The ancient Roman city of Salona was modeled after Rome herself, and still bears the traces of early Christianity and the work of Titus and the Apostle Paul….

Starting Price: $1595

Croatia: An Adriatic Sailing Adventure

Prepare yourself for the sailing voyage of a lifetime as you travel to the central Dalmatian region for an adventure like nothing you have ever experienced in your lifetime. For the next week, you will travel up and down the coast of Croatia in some of the world’s most stunning waters. Each day will be…

Omiš, Croatia
Starting Price: $1795


To many, England is a mythical land filled with great heroes like the ancient King Arthur or the modern Winston Churchill; brilliant writers such as Shakespeare, Chaucer and C.S. Lewis; and cherished icons of the past like Stonehenge, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace. England is also home to the worldwide Anglican Communion at Canterbury Cathedral….

Starting Price: $1675

Footsteps of St. Francis

He wept beneath the battered cross in the crumbling church of San Damiano wondering what had become of his life.  Once, the prized child of Assisi, privileged, rich, handsome and the life of every gathering, had come to the end of himself. Nothing that he once prized mattered anymore. Francis spoke allowed to the Lord,…

Footsteps of Francis in Italy - Wonder Voyage Adult Trip
Starting Price: $1695


Germany has transformed the world in multiple ways. From these ancient lands came inventions, such as the automobile and the printing press. Then, there were world changers like Martin Luther, Beethoven, Karl Marx, and Albert Einstein. As you travel the storybook landscapes of Germany it is hard to miss the inspiration permeating the air. Germany…

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Greece first entered many of our minds through Homer’s Odyssey. The adventure of Odysseus, as he desperately tried to return to his beloved Ithaca, has evoked myth and adventure in the hearts of people for thousands of years. Imagine embarking on an odyssey of your own. As we make pilgrimage to Greece, we embark on…

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Greece: Footsteps of Paul

He did not know which way to go. Every time he tried to travel into Asia to bring the gospel of Christ he heard the Spirit whisper, “No, not that way.” “Lord, where would you have me to go?” Paul was at the end of his rope. That night he dreamed of a Macedonian man…

Greece Wonder Voyage
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Throughout this vast planet, you will find no greater diversity of culture than in India. Every region, every village, every corner of India will charge your senses with a rainbow of shades and hues, smells both delicious and arresting, and sounds unidentifiable and melodious. To visit India is to encounter a country and people, who…

Starting Price: $1495

Iona, Scotland

They were thirteen men, set loose on the wild Irish Sea. Throwing their sails to the wind, they wholly trusted the spirit of God to lead them. Their exile was self-imposed; it was known as White Martyrdom. They left their beloved Ireland not in search of adventure but in bold obedience. Their trust would be…

Starting Price: $1775


The Emerald Isle is a land of great beauty and turbulent unrest, raucous laughter and bitter tears. Steeped in a rich Christian tradition, it was once known as the ‘Land of Saints and Scholars’. But today, Ireland is in the midst of a great collective change. Wonder Voyage has been traveling to this radiant isle…

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For thousands of years, the region encompassed by the modern day nation of Israel has been a gathering place for many different cultures, customs, ethnic groups, and religious traditions. As a result, the history of the area is one that includes a myriad of triumphs and tragedies, hopes and heartaches, destruction and reconstruction. For the…

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Italy was the cradle for modern Western civilization: it stood as the nexus of philosophy, religion, trade, art and science. Ancient Italy’s impact upon our modern world is a profound one. Now, though we only glimpse remnants of the world’s largest empire; we can behold spectacles of great art in Florence, or realize the words…

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Lindisfarne and East England

The small team of Iona monks entered Northumbria at the request of the mighty Anglo-Saxon king Oswald. Aidan received the call in 635 A.D. with his renowned zeal for Christ. He asked Oswald for a tiny tidal isle off the mainland to establish a monastery and learning center. This island would be sanctified as Lindisfarne….

Starting Price: $1675


At first you might think that this small country, which you most likely heard in Sunday School, is a blip on the map. What you will soon learn is that Macedonia is a destination bursting with untold stories and exploration not common in today’s travel savvy world. Though thoroughly modern, Macedonia is a hidden gem…

White swans on Ohrid lake
Starting Price: $1495

Machu Picchu

Peru is a country that calls out to the explorer trapped within. Even today, she is defined by vast emerald jungles cut only by the flow of the mighty Amazon, mighty mountains that once were considered home of the gods, and one of the most diverse cultures in South America. A voyage to Peru is…

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