Wonder Voyage Destinations

Galveston, Texas

Galveston Island, on the Texas Gulf Coast, was originally inhabited by the Karankawa and Akokisa tribes, and was later claimed by both France and Spain. The first long term European settlers were actually French pirates and the island became the first major seaport in Texas. Like many seaport locales, Galveston’s position as a cultural crossroads…

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Guatemala is a country of rugged beauty and natural wonder. All of Central America’s best attributes seem to be condensed into this nation. It contains the highest concentration of active volcanoes in the Americas. Shadows of the ancient Mayan civilization that once ruled here are found among numerous awe-inspiring ruins. But it is the people…

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Surrounded by beautiful mountains, Comayagua is a small city situated 2.5 hours outside the capital of Honduras. Upon arrival you will be confronted by the contrast between the majesty of the natural surroundings and the harsh poverty that affects every aspect of Honduran society. While in Honduras, your team has the opportunity to participate in…

Visit Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Comayagua, Honduras on a Mission Trip with Wonder Voyage.
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When you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and spend time in the mountains and wild places, Idaho is a perfect choice. With more than one-third of the land protected, this jewel that was once part of the Oregon Territory is ideal for an outdoor adventure. Whether it’s hiking, kayaking, or…

Perrine Bridge in Idaho
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Throughout this vast planet, you will find no greater diversity of culture than in India. Every region, every village, every corner of India will charge your senses with a rainbow of shades and hues, smells both delicious and arresting, and sounds unidentifiable and melodious. To visit India is to encounter a country and people, who…

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Indianapolis, Indiana

Welcome to the “Crossroads of America”. With four bordering Midwest States, Indiana is easy to pass through, but it is also an amazing destination for your next Wonder Voyage. The land in Indiana has roots of several Native nations and later served as the “Grand Central Station of the Underground Railroad”. Filled with stories from…

Indianapolis skyline
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The world has changed in ways that keep our heads spinning. Technology, travel, entertainment, consumerism, and the increased growth of the suburbs make life run on fast mode in a constant, forward motion. What if you could take a week to travel back in time and experience a farm community as it was 30 years ago?…

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When reggae hit the charts through the lyrics and music of Bob Marley, Jamaica hit the map. Its beaches, mountains and deep red sunsets regularly appear in the sort of tourist brochures that promise paradise. Jamaica is a favored destination for many traveling to the Caribbean. The tourist veneer gives way when you visit the…

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There is no place like Kansas! Waving hills of grain, fields of cattle and the occasional oil derrick under an endless painted sky make up the Kansas landscape. After the Louisiana Purchase, explorers like Lewis and Clark cut the first multi-use trails through the region. Now peppered with wildlife preserves and monuments to the area’s…

Kansas Golden Wheat Field
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Kansas City, Kansas

In many ways, Kansas City reminds us of the idyllic American summer day. People go about their business, like hardworking bees among the numerous parks and boulevards. Refreshing water bubbles up from nearly 200 fountains, providing children with a cool retreat from the hot sun. The smells of world-famous barbecue linger in the clear air….

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While horse racing and fields of native Bluegrass may be the first things that come to mind when you think of Kentucky, the state is much more complex than that. The eastern portion of the state is one of the most naturally beautiful places to be found in the Lower 48. At the same time,…

Grayson Lake Kentucky
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Kenya is exactly as you imagined the wilds of Africa to be. It is a mix of vibrant tribal culture and astounding landscape. The people of this country have stood strong in the face of adversity and are rebuilding as a community after a past of hardships. You will be drawn to the exotic and natural…

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Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is a city known for movie magic, the Hollywood sign, and celebrities. If you push past the surface you will find an eclectic city full of many different cultures and ideas. You’ll be immersed in the hustle and bustle  of the city, where going after your dreams is contagious. Turn your global eyes to…

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The rural west of Maryland, home to notable figures like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, is part of Appalachia. It has some of the most scenic countrysides along the Eastern Seaboard and vast opportunities for adventure and exploration. As one of the original thirteen colonies, Maryland played a role in the founding of our nation…

Annapolis on the Chesapeake Maryland
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Memphis, Tennessee

Before there were intercontinental railroads and interstate highways, there was the mighty Mississippi River. As a conduit of people, goods, information, and ideas, the Mississippi helped form major parts of this nation. The cities along its banks became hubs of commerce as well as laboratories for dreams both large and small. Memphis, Tennessee, is one…

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Miami, Florida

Miami beats with an almost dizzying pulse of activity and culture that is truly unique in the United States. Seated on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, the massive urban center calls to people from all over North, Central and South America. Many know it as “The Magic City” for its seemingly unnatural ability to…

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Minnesota gets its name from the Dakota Sioux word which means “land of the sky-tinted water.” To the indigenous people of the area, water was big medicine. Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes, was known as Lake Gichigami – the Great Sea. Your Wonder Voyage begins in the northeast where outdoor adventures like…

Split Rock Lighthouse Minnesota
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Mississippi Gulf Coast

The Mississippi Gulf Coast has had settlements for thousands of years. Native American, French, English, Spanish, and United States settlers have all called this area home. Biloxi preceded New Orleans as the colonial capitol of New France and is an area known for its beautiful beaches and southern hospitality. Gulfport is the second largest city…

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Nashville, Tennessee

Located on a bend in the Cumberland River, Nashville, Tennessee is known to most as “Music City, USA.” Recording artists from country, blues, gospel, and rock and roll genres all end up in Nashville at some time or another in their careers. Up and coming musicians with big dreams travel here looking for their “big…

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Navajo Nation

Hozhoni, together we walk in beauty. Our voyages to the Navajo Nation take us into the heart of native America. Situated on the border of New Mexico and Arizona, and surrounded by some of the most dramatic terrain in the state, you’ll be heading into a week like no other. Our hope is to introduce…

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