Wonder Voyage Destinations


Nestled in America’s Heartland, Nebraska offers layers of unique geological and anthropologic history. From the dramatic rock formations of the west, to the central Great Plains and towering Sandhills to the lush river valley of the Missouri, this State is brimming with natural beauty. Pack your pioneer spirit to uncover prehistoric fossil beds, breath-taking buttes,…

Fort Robinson Nebraska
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Vast in area, but sparse in population, Nevada has miles of unencumbered geological formations and unpolluted bodies of water. From the serene Lake Tahoe in the west to the dramatic red rock formations in the east, Nevada is brimming with incomparable beauty. Dazzling cities like Las Vegas and Reno are woven together through highways and…

Mountainous Nevada landscape
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New Hampshire

New Hampshire was originally inhabited by the Abenaki and Pennacook tribes. Known as the “Mother of Rivers,” New Hampshire holds the origination point of five of the major rivers in New England. The abundance of water and other natural resources made New Hampshire a popular place for European settlers. Today the state remains a favored…

New Hampshire town
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New Jersey

Contrary to popular belief New Jersey is filled with lush farmland and pine forests that offer easy access to miles of hiking and exploration. In the Northwest, experience one of the most beautiful stretches of the Appalachian Trail through the Delaware Water Gap. Further Southeast, discover prominent battlefields of the Revolutionary War. One hundred and…

High Point war veterans monument New Jersey
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New Mexico

Perhaps you’ve never thought of New Mexico as a pilgrimage destination. Perhaps it deserves a closer look. New Mexico is a place of beautiful barrenness, its desert landscape conjuring stories of the old Wild West, grisly battles between Mexico and the United States and the native people, and missions built by monks hoping to fulfill…

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New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is by far the most distinctively unusual city in the United States. Founded by the French in 1699, this city is imbued with a rich and varied history. The languid, almost Caribbean ambience, the humid climate and the laid back lifestyle and culture all make the city worthy of the nickname, ‘The Big…

Jackson Square in New Orleans.
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New York, New York

NYC is a metropolis that never seems to rest. Words are inadequate to describe this bustling city. Affectionately named ‘The Big Apple,’ NYC is a world icon. It would take a lifetime to experience it all. The events of 9 -11 have turned our missions trips and pilgrimages to New York into a somber time…

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Though it is the size of the State of New York, the country of Nicaragua seems as expansive as any country could be. With vast lakes, active volcanoes, the Mosquito Coast, and the Selva Negra, beautiful landscapes are never far away, and the songs of the mountain forests seem to sing the eerie laments of…

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North Carolina Coast

Known for its beautiful beaches and historic lighthouses, eastern North Carolina is called the Coastal Plain Region. Once inhabited by Native Americans, the area was one of the first places that the British tried to form a settlement. During colonial times, eastern North Carolina was an economic and political powerhouse. In 1903, the Wright Brothers…

The Bodie Island lighthouse - North Carolina Coast
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North Carolina Mountains

The western region of North Carolina contains the storied Appalachian Mountains, the highest mountains in the eastern United States. With no real urban centers, and plenty of wide open spaces, western North Carolina has a completely different feel than the rest of the state. From the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway to the picturesque town of…

North Corolina Mountains
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North Dakota

In the Upper Midwest, where the rolling Great Plains meet the storied Badlands, you find North Dakota. While sparsely populated when compared to other states, North Dakota has amazing stories to tell. The stories speak of a land that welcomed newcomers even before the arrival of European settlers and Lewis & Clark’s Corps of Discovery….

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Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii may be the closest thing to Eden on planet Earth. As an island paradise and the 50th U.S. state, Hawaii offers treasures you find nowhere else. Oahu, the third largest and most populous of the Hawaiin Islands is a place people, for centuries, came for physical healing and to inspire beauty. The mixture of…

Waikiki beach and diamond head Oahu Hawaii
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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City has a past bursting with tales of Native American tradition and cowboy culture. Today that heritage shines through the many monuments and museums dedicated to the history of the city and its people. This city has become a hub, as it sits directly in the center of the state and lies on the…

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Panama has long been one of the most fascinating destinations in Central America, tirelessly fought over by various countries and powers around the world. Located on the isthmus between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Panama is the shortcut between the East and West. The link between Central and South America contains a mix of diverse…

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Paris, France

Paris, France. There are few cities in the world with a name as famous. It is a city of romance, fine cuisine, roman influence, and art. People flock from all over the world to be inspired by this golden city. One street will make you feel as if you have walked right into the past as…

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When you fly into Lima, the capital of Peru, you are immediately struck by the rapid modernity of this evolving metroplex.  Lima is one of the most vibrant cities in South America, filled with delightful cuisine choices, miles of Pacific beaches, diverse and colorful neighborhoods and a young population looking toward the future. Spend a…

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

There are few better glimpses into the history of this nation than the city of Philadelphia. One can still roam through the cobbled streets where Benjamin Franklin, Betsy Ross and George Washington once walked. We will investigate the haunts of our Founding Fathers and worship in the same places they worshiped. It is one of…

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Seven thousand islands define the Philippines, a land of sand and sea. Sweeping landscapes with active volcanoes, multi-colored coral reefs, razor-sharp cliffs and placid lagoons can keep a group exploring for years. The Philippines has also been the crossroads of Europe and Asia. She is the only Catholic Asian nation. Start your journey in the…

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Puerto Rico

From beaches, to forests, to mountains, to old colonial cities, Puerto Rico has it all. This beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea is unincorporated US territory that feels like a country all on its own. Known for its lively music, delicious food, and kind and generous people, Puerto Rico is truly a sparkling island jewel….

Castillo San Felipe del Morro - Puerto Ricl
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Rhode Island

As one of the thirteen original colonies of the United States, Rhode Island is rooted in the challenges, conflicts, and triumphs of the nation. While it is the smallest state in the union, it still boasts a dense and diverse population. Rhode Island was founded by outcasts from the Massachusetts Bay Colony who were seeking…

Block Island in Rhode Island
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