Wonder Voyage Destinations

Rio Grande Valley, Texas

The Rio Grande River begins in south central Colorado and flows to the Gulf of Mexico. The river forms the 1200-mile border between Texas and Mexico. The complex intertwining of Latin and Anglo cultures is evident in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. While separated by the river from their sister cities in Mexico, the towns…

Rio Grande River
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Romania is a country that evokes dark legends and mythic tales. Idyllic mountains, impressive fortresses and a history of invading armies becomes the foundation for a fascinating visit. Years of oppressive communism left Romania in shambles, but over the last few years, this nation of strong, independent and creative people has come back strong. Romania’s…

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As one of the largest nations in the world, Russia still remains an obscure location to many westerners. Eighty years of communism kept Russia locked up tight behind the Iron Curtain. For many, Russia is a location that longs to be explored. From the capital city of Moscow to the coastal wonder of St. Petersburg,…

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Rwanda is a country that has picked itself up from the ashes of war and terror and has transformed into a place of resilient and strong people. This community is bound together in the pursuit of a brighter future for the following generations. Reborn, Rwanda reminds us of how Christ gave us our lives again…

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San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is one of the oldest cities in the United States and is pivotal in American history. This little oasis is best known for her quaint river walk, festive atmosphere, and Hispanic heritage. For Texans, San Antonio is a precious jewel. What most people do not realize is the significant spiritual heritage of San Antonio….

The Alamo in San Antonio
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San Diego, California

San Diego is a vibrant coastal community that provides hundreds of options to have fun. Historical sites are dotted across the city and offer a peek into the past. It is impossible to escape the culture of this active and dynamic location. You’ve heard all about it but why not discover it for yourself? A…

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San Francisco, California

San Francisco is the city of endless hills. The city holds landmarks that nearly everyone can recognize: the Golden Gate Bridge, the cable cars, Alcatraz. San Francisco sprouted when masses of people swarmed to the city to find gold in 1949. The descendants of those masses still live in the city to this day. People from China…

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Seattle, Washington

Seattle is more than just a rainy city. It is a bustling metropolis of art, history, culture, and technology. As the forerunner of the transportation industry you will find many ways to travel around the largest city in the Northwest. Seattle supplies adventures on land, on the sea, under ground, in the past, and in the…

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South Africa

South Africa is one of the most visited and well-known locations on the continent of Africa. With Krueger National Park on the horizon, visitors from all over the world seek adventure in this distinct setting. But beneath the surface are a resolute people who struggle to survive day to day. A pilgrimage or missions trip to South…

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South Dakota

From the Black Hills to the Badlands, South Dakota is an outdoor museum of prehistoric and presidential proportions. Evergreens cover the mountain region and rugged rock formations make up the south-central area. The two prominent tribes of the land tell a story of the indigenous past and the discovery of gold in the Black Hills…

Black Hills South Dakota
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South Sudan

After fifty years of civil war, South Sudan became the newest nation in the world. Through years of hardship, poverty, political challenges and war, South Sudan became a nation of resilient people who long for peace. From the ashes the people have risen to build a brighter future. South Sudan is ripe for teams to…

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St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis has a deep history that runs through its veins like the Mississippi along its banks. From Native Americans to modern art, St. Louis has stories to tell. It has gently blended city life with that of serene natural spaces, just as it draws together its past and its future. Wonder Voyage will guide…

Explore the city on a Mission Trip or Pilgrimage to St. Louis with Wonder Voyage.
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Toronto, Canada

Founded by French traders in the 1600’s, the name Toronto means ‘the meeting place’ in the Huron language. Toronto is the largest metropolis in Canada, and is heralded as one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Over 100 languages are spoken in Toronto and 48% of Toronto’s population is immigrants. This surprising city…

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Home to the highest mountain range in Africa, Uganda is a country above the rest. This location is the source of the Nile River and provides access to a rare and beautiful landscape. In 1907 Winston Churchill believed Uganda to be “the pearl of Africa.” Even now it is a country bustling with life, color, and…

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Vancouver, Canada

In 2016 the city of Vancouver celebrated its 130th birthday. While considered a very young city by European standards, Vancouver has a rich history and culture all of its own. With the most temperate climate in all of Canada, Vancouver has been voted one of the most “livable cities” in the world. Whether your interest…

Take a moment to reflect or worship at Christ Church Cathedral on a mission trip or pilgrimage to Vancouver with Wonder Voyage.
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With a name derived from the French words that mean “green mountain,” Vermont is certainly a verdant jewel of New England. Originally home to the Abenaki tribe, Vermont was also a French and then a British colony before joining the United States as the 14th state. Known for its rolling hills and picturesque landscapes, Vermont…

Vermont town reflecting in the water
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Washington, D.C.

Compared to cities in Europe, Washington, DC is relatively young at just over 200 years old. The ideals upon which our nation and its capital were founded here: liberty, equality, and justice. From the historic monuments, to the seats of government, to the ethnic neighborhoods, this city has something for everyone. A Washington, D.C. missions…

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When it comes to the American Midwest, Wisconsin is one of America’s best-kept secrets! Bordering over 250 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline, Wisconsin has more waterways than any other state. Its National and State parks are filled with glorious waterfalls that settle into serene rivers, lakes and streams lined by grooved rock walls. A Wonder…

Milwaukee Wisconsin on Lake Michigan at twilight
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Zambia is one of the most rural parts of Africa that you will find. Far from the tourist locations, this country has held tight to its cultural roots and natural, rugged attraction. Home to dusty plains and the powerful Victoria Falls, Zambia is a mixture of awe and adventure. This wild land is for those…

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