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At Wonder Voyage, we consider exploration and adventure to be cornerstones of our organization. We have a pioneering spirit and a calling to create journeys that participants will remember for a lifetime. We look for unique settings,cultural challenges, and the jobs that no one else wants to do. We believe many of our clients possess…

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A Civil Rights Journey

“Freedom” and “equality” are words used throughout the foundational documents and anthems of our nation. On the surface, every person in the US should have the same access to resources and opportunities to build a fruitful life. The reality is harsher than the ideal. For centuries, people of color have faced obstacles, challenges, injustices, and…

River Bridge into Historic Selma Alabama in Dallas County
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A Unique Story

You might think New Orleans is defined by jazz, Cajun food, and the French Quarter. In truth, these are just a few interesting components of a city that is America’s most unique story. Her 300-year history is rooted in backgrounds as diverse as Native American, French, Spanish, Cajun, and the Caribbean. Throughout history, they have…

Ferns in the French Quarter - New Orleans
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Agents for Change

In our history as a nation, we have made incredible strides towards lasting change, but we still have a ways to go. Harpers Ferry, West Virginia was the location for a catalyst event that spurred on the American Civil War – the raid led by John Brown. Our voyage to Harper’s Ferry follows the story…

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E Pluribus Unum (Out of Many One)

From its earliest beginnings as thirteen colonies, the U.S. has been at its absolute best when all energies have been focused on a common goal or purpose. The beauty of the American experiment lies in its collective vision. In our charged political climate, we must remember that we are better together, standing for justice and…

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Facets of the First Amendment

Nearly 230 years ago, our Founding Fathers gathered in the Assembly Room of the Pennsylvania State House to establish the U.S. Constitution. Its purpose was “to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our…

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Footsteps of St. Francis

He wept beneath the battered cross in the crumbling church of San Damiano wondering what had become of his life.  Once, the prized child of Assisi, privileged, rich, handsome and the life of every gathering, had come to the end of himself. Nothing that he once prized mattered anymore. Francis spoke allowed to the Lord,…

Footsteps of Francis in Italy - Wonder Voyage Adult Trip
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Greenspace – Urban Ecology

Major cities are often referred to as “concrete jungles.” Forests and meadows have been replaced by skyscrapers and parking lots. The rivers and streams which were the original life source of early settlements have been polluted and neglected. Green spaces that sustain life are gone in many cases. With global concerns over climate change and…

Cambie Street in Vancouver
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History’s Mosaic

You might think that New Orleans is defined by jazz, Cajun food, and the French Quarter. How about San Francisco for its hills, bridges, and Alcatraz. Don’t forget Toronto’s culture, traffic and the CN Tower. In truth, these are just a few interesting components of cities that are easily North America’s most unique story. Their…

Jackson Square in New Orleans.
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In Freedom, With Love

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has represented a lot of important symbols in its nearly 340-year history. The state was founded by William Penn to establish a colony of Quakers free from the religious oppression they faced in England. That, combined with the city’s motto of “Brotherly Love” makes it one remarkable location for an immersive journey to…

Ben Franklin Bridge in Philidelphia
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No Plan B

“We are using resources as if we had two planets, not one. There can be no Plan B because there is no Planet B.” These challenging words from former UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon provide an appropriate backdrop for investigating the ecosystems of coastal North Carolina, Montana, the Grand Tetons and other locations. The health…

Senic view of Glacier National Park in Montana
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Perfectly Imperfect

There are certain cities in America that are delightfully quirky, and they call to visitors like a siren. Did you know Seattle has a secret underground city and a giant troll living under a bridge? Nearly every corner of Portland contains random bits of eccentricities and culture. And the official motto for the Texas capital…

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Redemption: The Rest of the Story

What makes a good story? The best stories are about a hero who overcomes great odds through a journey filled with struggle, challenge, pain and ultimately internal transformation. What if the hero was not a person but a city? Dallas has just such a story of highs, lows, and a history that continues to draw…

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Stories from the Storm

Storms, both metaphorical and literal, are part of life. There is no escaping them. What happens during and after the storm can be remarkable. Stories of faith, perseverance, challenge, and growth abound within the stories of the storms. Centuries of high winds, crashing waves, and submerged hazards have worn the coastline and its inhabitants into…

Beach Sunset on the North Carolina Coast
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The Footsteps of Paul

He did not know which way to go. Every time he tried to travel into Asia to bring the gospel of Christ he heard the Spirit whisper, “No, not that way.” “Lord, where would you have me to go?” Paul was at the end of his rope. That night he dreamed of a Macedonian man…

Corinth Greece
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The Harmony of Nature

The Hill Country surrounding the Texas Capitol holds a uniquely diverse ecosystem worth exploring. Original settlers profited from the region through cotton, ranching, and farming among a system of waterways. The later Oil Boom brought the biggest influx of growth to the Central Texas region. But the real treasure of the Texas Hill Country is…

Downtown view of Austin over the water
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The Koinonia Experience

Washington D.C. sits at the heart of America. Our national monuments and museums help us unfold the tale of our country–victories and violations, patriotism and pioneers, democracy and despair. Washington D.C. is the place our leaders gather to decide our future, to find hope in hard times, and to seek communal wisdom as challenges present…

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Walk the Walk

At the confluence of the Potomac and the Shenandoah Rivers, sits a tiny town packed with American history. Harpers Ferry has been the site of some major events in our nation’s struggle to abolish slavery. To walk through this town is to walk in the steps of figures like John Brown and Meriwether Lewis. Jesus…

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