Acres of Diamonds

In India over 360 million people live in poverty. Of these, no one suffers more than millions of children who are exploited and sentenced to an existence of bonded slavery. Acres of Diamonds is a short documentary that examines the two possible paths for these vulnerable children: A life in slavery with no hope of escape or a flourishing life with Good News India (GNI), where they receive food, clothes, education, and love. Wonder Voyage Legacy supporters have donated $47,000 to produce Acres of Diamonds to show the needs of the people of India, introduce the efforts of GNI, and to ultimately raise support to rescue children.

Producing a Legacy of Hope

Good News India has helped rescue over 3,000 children from a life of slavery. Children between the ages of 5 and 14 fall into slavery to help pay off their family’s overwhelming debt. When these children begin to work—for long hours in tasks they are not physically or developmentally prepared for—education is no longer an option. Though officially outlawed by the Indian government, cultural tradition and coercion keep millions of children as literal slaves to discrimination and crippling poverty well into their adulthood. Acres of Diamonds give viewers the opportunity to hear the story of these remarkable children and to learn how they can support GNI in setting more children free.

In addition to the Acres of Diamonds documentary, the generosity of Wonder Voyage Legacy contributors allowed us to produce 14 accompanying two-minute videos that show the men and women who have given their lives to rescue and serve the children across 30 GNI homes in West Bengal and Orissa.

Wonder Voyage Legacy contributors are partnering with GNI to produce a legacy of hope. Will you join our team?

Wonder Voyage Legacy’s Impact To-Date

  • $47,000 raised
  • 20 minute documentary, Acres of Diamonds, produced
  • 14 supplemental 2-minute videos produced to highlight specific aspects of GNI

How you can be a part of the Acres of Diamonds Legacy

  • $5,000 produces a supplementary film specifically for churches. This 7-minute documentary will introduce potential donors to the four outreaches of GNI: high risk girls, lepers, bonded slavery children and tribals.
  • $5,000 provides for fees and accommodations for Acres of Diamonds to be presented at a dozen festivals. Each festival opens the doors for additional showings at schools, churches, and community groups thereby raises visibility for GNI and its needs.

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