The Episcopal Church of Navajoland

“The Dine,” known also as the Navajo, are the largest Native American tribe in the United States. Though the Navajo people carry rich cultural, religious, and community ties, they still struggle today with hundreds of years of social injustice within the U.S. The Episcopal Church of Navajoland, which Wonder Voyage has worked with for over a decade, work tirelessly to bring hope and meet needs of their Native brothers and sisters.

Good Shepherd Mission (GSM) has had water management challenges for many years. Water flow from the monsoons they experience, specifically during the summer months, causes flooding and severe water damage to the houses of the residence living in the GSM Navajo reservation.

St. Thomas and Grace Episcopal churches came together to create berms and trenches and planted trees and bushes to manage the water paths and bring life back to the barren places. The teams worked for a combined 190 hours along side local youth to give them a new and positive outlook for the rainy seasons….. all to help them see that water truly is life.

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