YWAM Belize – Kitchen Construction

Wonder Voyage has worked with Youth With A Mission Belize for over a decade. In that time YWAM has seen that the kids are more likely to attend the village schools on days that they receive a meal, but the kitchen used to provide the meals is lacking basic necessities. This summer a team of Wonder Voyage pilgrims will renovate a community kitchen facility so that fifty elementary school students will receive several healthy meals a week.

Hours Volunteered
Volunteers Sent
Money Donated

Current Needs

The Wonder Voyage teams will renovate the kitchen that currently lacks a sink, refrigerator, cabinet, and a stove. In additional to this, our team will build a stage and paint the outside and inside of the church that serves as a community hub.


  • Refrigerator: $1,000
  • Stove:  $2,000
  • Cabinets: $1,000
  • Sink: $1,000
  • Paint: $1,000


  • Stage: $2,500
  • Paint: $1,500

Total: $10,000