YWAM Belize – Soccer Camp

In Belize, soccer is a popular pastime for the kids of Spanish Lookout. This passion opens the door for Wonder Voyage pilgrims to teach the kids new skills while also ministering to their physical and spiritual needs.

Hours Volunteered
Volunteers Sent
Money Donated

Current Needs

In July, a Wonder Voyage team will head to Belize to help host a soccer camp for 50-100 students. The four-day camp will be open to kids age 5-15. Wonder Voyage Legacy has agreed to raise the following supply costs:

  •  Soccer balls                            $300
  • Whistles and pumps             $50
  • Daily snacks and drinks       $150


YWAM Belize – Soccer Camp

We Did It!

Thank you for your interest in YWAM Belize – Soccer Camp. We are thrilled to announce that we have raised all the funds necessary for this project through the generosity of our Legacy donors.