Wonder Voyage Legacy FundIn the last two decades, Wonder Voyage Missions has sent 11,754 pilgrims to over 30 countries to invest $2,785,000 in service hours. But you don’t have to be on a Wonder Voyage to be a part of this gift to our partners around the world. Legacy is a Wonder Voyage fund that allows supporters to multiply the amount of money our pilgrims raise to put into the projects while serving vulnerable children and their communities around the world.
163,910 hours volunteered
11,754 volunteers sent
$2,785,000 money donated

Here’s how it works: Qualifying teams traveling with Wonder Voyage can apply for Legacy funds. If selected, their service project will be promoted to our supporters. Supporters can choose which projects to invest in, and that money will combine with funds raised by the pilgrims themselves. Together, supporters and pilgrims can significantly increase the impact on the communities served. Best of all there is no overhead associated with Legacy, so 100% of the funds go straight to the projects you select! We will even keep you updated on how every dollar is spent.

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