Scott Martin – OLA

Wonder Voyage is quite simply the best at shaping experiences for students to encounter wonder, discovery, passion and purpose. I have been with them all over the country, and, in each trip, they have far surpassed my already high expectations. I’ll give just one example to prove the point: The day before we were taking 70 students to New Orleans, we began to get word that a hurricane was headed there and the entire city was placed under a federal emergency. In 12-hours they changed our trip to Memphis. They acquired incredible lodging, museum visits, food, and on-site experiences that blew us away. By day two, we forgot we were supposed to be someplace else!

Their patience and flexibility are the reasons why we will continue to go back to them time and again. They display the utmost integrity and professionalism in their work, and their insider’s knowledge of each location saves me as, the Head of School, a tremendous amount of stress. I’ve been with Wonder Voyage from the mountains of Colorado to the subways of NYC and have experienced nothing but exemplary leadership and service throughout. I will continue to use them as long as we take trips, and I would highly recommend Wonder Voyage to anyone looking for a planned trip. You will find that they provide hospitality, intentionality, dedication and experience unlike anyone else.