A SPARK Wonder Voyage

What is your earliest memory of a trip that was full of surprises and bursting with wonder? This is a challenging exercise in a world that presses us towards mediocre pre-packaged travel instead of adventures and exploration. Imagine a voyage where all the details are taken care of, leaving you carefree and open to discover the hidden corners of the locations you visit. When was the last time you joined a journey where every day was a surprise? Could you dare to drop all your agendas and re-ignite the elemental wonder travel has the potential to spark? Welcome to A ‘Spark’ Wonder Voyage to Ireland.

Our Ireland voyage will focus on an insider's view of a particular region of the Emerald Isle. The itinerary is given daily. You will experience moments of wonder, epic tales, and hidden gems that tourists overlook and explorers long for. Every day is a secret waiting to be revealed.

SPARK activity hints:
  • Travel to hidden spots of natural beauty that will awe you.
  • Spend time with an Irish family, experiencing the warmth of the hearth.
  • What about a water adventure to a pirate island?
  • Explore a riverside walk to 1600-year-old monastic ruins with a holy well.
  • Visit monuments older than the Great Pyramid.
  • Eat at idyllic little pubs only the locals attend.


$2860 / per person

  • Dates: August 8 - 17, 2023
  • Landing: Dublin Airport
  • Deposit: $500

How to SPARK

  • Register and pay the $500 deposit. There will be two more payments to follow.
    (Payments due are $1180 on April 1, 2023 and $1180 on July 1, 2023)
  • We will help you arrange your flights in and out of Dublin. You can come early or stay late.
  • A month before your Spark Voyage, you will receive a packing list and information to help you prepare for the adventure ahead.
  • When you land, you will meet your illustrious Irish guide, John Spencer, who has a voyage of wonder to unfold for your pleasure.
  • Wonder is sparked!

What is included in the cost of a SPARK trip?


  • Unique and fun lodging.
  • Meals from dinner on the arrival day of the voyage until breakfast on the day of departure. Most (but not all) lunches and dinners.*
  • Flexible, specialized surprise itinerary.
  • A top Voyage Guide.
  • Daily opportunities of cultural immersion, exploration and the hidden spots of Ireland.
  • Ground transportation.

Not Included

  • Airfare
  • Lunches
  • Laundry
  • Alcohol
  • Single-room arrangements are at an extra cost
  • Fees for optional activities outside of the itinerary