Mission Trip or Pilgrimage to Seattle, Washington

"...a bustling metropolis of art, history, culture, and technology."
  • Mission Opportunity
  • Outdoor Adventure

Seattle is more than just a rainy city. It is a bustling metropolis of art, history, culture, and technology. As the forerunner of the transportation industry you will find many ways to travel around the largest city in the Northwest. Seattle supplies adventures on land, on the sea, under ground, in the past, and in the present. You can spend the morning in quiet wonder as you wander green forests or watch whales swim in the bay, before turning out to spend the afternoon in busy downtown.

Wonder Voyage will help you navigate each corner as you serve and explore the community. Take a closer look below the surface as you become an urban pilgrim. Seattle is the perfect blend of tranquility and action. Register for your mission trip or pilgrimage to Seattle, Washington today!


  • Visit the exquisite Cathedral of St. James.
  • Visit an “oddity” a day in this spectacular city.
  • Travel from sea to land as you watch the history of transportation unfold.
  • Be the hands and feet of Christ as you participate in serving the local community.
  • Travel beyond the tourist boundaries and enter the true heart of the city.


Every Wonder Voyage itinerary (mission trip and/or pilgrimage) is personalized to the desires, direction and personality of each group. This itinerary is only a description of the kind of journey we can create for your unique team.

  • Day 1 – Go West!
    Welcome to the Seattle, the largest city in the Great Northwest. From Native American culture to the logging and shipbuilding industries, to the modern high tech presence, Seattle is a city that has changed with the times, and we will explore many of its facets on our journey this week. After you arrive, we’ll give you a quick introduction to Seattle by a visit to Pioneer Square and the Waterfall Garden Park. We will get you settled in, oriented, and ready for our big week.
  • Day 2 – Below the Surface
    In life, many things are different than they appear at first glance. We will explore this notion today as we seek to do some community service here in town. Seattle is a beautiful and relatively prosperous community, but there are always areas of need just below the façade that the city puts on for tourists. We will jump in today to try to meet some of that need. Later in the day we will truly go “below the surface” when we explore the Seattle Underground. These underground pathways and corridors were once the original street level of Seattle in the 1800’s. As we make the journey today we might ask ourselves, “What does my life look like, just below the surface?”
  • Day 3 – Perseverance
    Early in its history, Seattle was the hub of the transportation industry. The availability of lumber made it the ideal locale for shipbuilding. As times changed, so did the town, and ship building gave way to aircraft manufacturing. The region is the international headquarters of Boeing, so what better to place to have The Museum of Flight. Bringing great ideas and harebrained schemes to fruition takes perseverance, and as we explore the Museum we will consider what it takes to bring our wildest dreams to life. In the afternoon we will learn more about perseverance as we explore the heritage of the original people of Seattle, the Duwamish Tribe, and we hear the story of their current struggle for recognition.
  • Day 4 – Urban Pilgrims
    To love and understand any culture, you must be willing to meet the people of the culture. We embark today as urban pilgrims to explore the core of the city. We will spend time engaging in some community service as well as visiting the Cathedral Church of St James, an oasis in the heart of the city. As we explore the city and engage the people we will take time to consider the idea of living each day as if we are on pilgrimage. In the afternoon we will visit one of the best oddity museums in the world: The EMP. Explore science fiction, fantasy, the guitar vortex, Nirvana, and a ton of other surprises.
  • Day 5 – Breaking Free
    Today we will break free from the city and embark on an outdoor adventure. For many people, natural outdoor surroundings are better than a cathedral for experiencing the creative genius and presence of God. The road leads us to one of the area’s most notable features, Snoqualmie Falls. As we marvel at the spectacular 270 foot falls we will ask ourselves, “What things in my day to day life take my breath away?”
  • Day 6 – Restoration
    On the seventh day, God rested, and so shall we. We will spend the morning in worship and remembrance at a local parish. Our afternoon will afford ample time for recreation and exploration in the funky, creative neighborhood of Fremont. Considered by many locals to be the “center of the universe,” Fremont promises to hold lots of fun in store for us. As we wind down our week, we will enjoy a Celebration meal together and spend a final evening in discussion and storytelling.
  • Day 7 – On the Road Again
    As we leave the Northwest today, we take along some stories, some lessons, and some fresh ideas. Before we go we will visit Pike’s Market Place, the most famous stop in Seattle. While this leg of the journey is drawing to a close, a new portion is beginning.

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