Mission Trip or Pilgrimage to Delaware

"our Nation’s history comes to life"
  • Historical Site
  • Mission Opportunity
  • Outdoor Adventure

The great state of Delaware offers adventure at every corner. One of the oldest states in the country, it is small but dense. Originally inhabited by a few different Native American Tribes, then settled by the Dutch and Swedes and eventually colonized by the British, the area is unrivaled in terms of depth and importance. Our Nation’s history comes to life in vibrant retellings of past events and the beautiful setting encourages the sense of adventure.

A Wonder Voyage to Delaware begins in the North and focuses on service and urban adventure. Then travel South down to a quaint coastal town to explore the land and waters that characterize this small wonder. A pilgrimage to Delaware brings to life the stories of our founding fathers and allows space and time to craft a new narrative for a modern world.



  • Worship in one of the oldest churches in America.
  • Celebrate a shoreside Eucharist at sunset.
  • Meditate and pray in a church yard from the 1700s.


  • Discover relics from the Revolutionary War.
  • Wander cobblestone alleys of the colonial past.
  • Explore Atlantic waters by kayak or paddle board.


  • Work to clean up and restore a historic neighborhood.
  • Volunteer with a local homeless outreach program.
  • Work with your hands on an environmental beautification project.


There is not an example itinerary for Delaware, please contact [email protected] for specific information about this Wonder Voyage.

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Starting at
$620* per person
  • *This is the base cost of the trip. Your cost may differ depending on housing, activities, etc.