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Wonder Voyage is an extraordinary non-profit organization that creates personalized pilgrimages and mission trips. Our voyages encourage an encounter with the heart of God through exploration and sacrificial service to distinctive communities around the globe. Through Wonder Voyage, each event becomes a journey and every participant becomes a pilgrim. Start your pilgrimage or mission trip now!

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Celtic Footsteps offers plentiful opportunities to encounter God's peace in the holy “thin spaces” of Scotland and Northumbria where travelers have encountered God's peace for centuries. Through cultural immersion, expert guides, and fine dining, we have developed a one-of-a-kind itinerary. Each day has two tracks – one featuring a quieter, slower-paced, cultural experience and another with more energetic hiking and exploration activities.

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David Carter

Each of our Journey to Adulthood Pilgrimages with Wonder Voyage was quite special. Each was a mixture of the expected service and education along with challenging and delightful surprises. Our young people have never forgotten the connections and discoveries they made. As adults we discovered as much as our teens. Our latest trip was no…

David Grant

Short term missions has been a strategic part of my student ministry for over 25 years. Being responsible for all the planning, preparing and then implementation of the trip is so much work, many times I wasn’t able to pastor the students the way I wanted. Wonder Voyage has become vital in creating opportunities that…

Dina Van Klaveren

Working with Wonder Voyage on J2A pilgrimages is like falling into I Corinthians 12 and experiencing fully that to one is given the gift of arranging lodging, to another the gift of corralling teenagers in a museum, to another the ability to instantly regroup based on weather, to another the freedom to engage in conversation…

Zachary Nyein

Our Wonder Voyage experience in Cape Town, South Africa was a powerful encounter with God’s Spirit in and through the people, places, culture, and history of South Africa. We were fully immersed in the culture of the city while gaining personal insight into the past and present struggles and victories in the face of apartheid…

Nate Bostian

I have been working with Wonder Voyage for well over a decade as youth minister, then a college minister, and now as an Episcopal priest and school chaplain. They have led my groups in “servant-leader adventures” in places within our city, across the country, and around the world. What keeps me coming back to Wonder…

Kate Riley

We waited three years to go on this mission trip. The logistics were just not coming together. For three years we tried to do a mission trip to Puerto Rico on our own. After experiencing Wonder Voyage through pilgrimage and mission I knew they could accomplish what we could not. Thanks to the Wonder Voyage…

Scott Martin

Wonder Voyage is quite simply the best at shaping experiences for students to encounter wonder, discovery, passion and purpose. I have been with them all over the country, and, in each trip, they have far surpassed my already high expectations. I’ll give just one example to prove the point: The day before we were taking…

Chris Harpster

Wonder Voyage creates amazing J2A pilgrimages! I have worked with this great group of people on four pilgrimages and each one was incredible. I really believe that this organization is Spirit-filled and full of God’s amazing love and grace! They are truly focused on serving the teams they take out. I can’t say enough good…

Matt Stroud

I have found that taking a team of individuals anywhere is a challenge. Trying to feed and shelter them in a strange location adds another level of difficulty. And still more difficult is finding ways for them to serve God in a distant location in a way that makes a difference. All of these issues…