The Way of Wonder Curriculum


The Way of Wonder is the groundwork for a deep and meaningful experience for your pilgrimage or mission trip.

After leading pilgrimages and mission trips across the globe for a quarter century, we understand that the biggest difference between teams who experience wonder and those who don’t is the depth of team preparation.

We at Wonder Voyage want to give you a Free Resource to help prepare your group for their upcoming adventure.

The Way of Wonder

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Whether or not you utilize Wonder Voyage's expertise for planning, organizing, and leading your trip, we want you to have the adventure of a lifetime. The Way of Wonder curriculum is like having one-on-one pre-trip training with our staff. The curriculum is easy to personalize based on your team's size, goals, and location.

Curriculum Sessions


We identified six critical elements that separate good teams from great teams, and then we developed a curriculum around those elements.

Session One: One Step Forward

A pilgrimage or service trip is a choice. Will you enter the story God is inviting you into?

Session Two: The Way of Wonder

Wonder is the foundation of the journey. Are your eyes and ears open to wonder?

Session Three: Community Quest

A united community on a quest will define how far you go on this voyage.

Session Four: Sacred Service

You are a part of God’s transformation of the world. Do you live that truth?

Session Five: Story Archaeology

Embracing curiosity and asking great questions is essential.

Session Six: The Moment Matters

Moments of wonder will be discovered and shared for the rest of your life.

Each of the 6 sessions contain the following elements:

  • The Way of Pilgrimage - Theme


    This is the thematic element for the session. You can use the title as sort of a preview to get your group interested and prepared for the material the session covers.

  • The Way of Pilgrimage - Note to the Facilitator

    Note to the Facilitator

    This is a story that will help the facilitator understand the most important thematic elements of the session.

  • wop-export


    This short video introduces the topic of the week. It is a great way to get the group centered for the discussion times that follow.

  • The Way of Pilgrimage - Encounter


    This will be an exercise or game that will focus on the Big Idea. Sometimes they will be done during the session, other times they might be a “takeaway” exercise to further solidify the day’s material, or to sow some seed thoughts for an upcoming session. The goal of the encounter is listed, so you can craft your own if you like. You know your group – their depth as well as their attention spans. Adaptation is limited only by your imagination.

  • The Way of Pilgrimage - Big Ideas

    Big Ideas

    Each session will give you 2 or 3 big ideas to cover. These will be shared with you in either story or media form. As the moderator, you can either use the material as is, or better yet, use it to spark a story or example of your own. Make sure you state the main theme of each idea clearly.

  • The Way of Pilgrimage - Small Group Questions

    Small Group Questions

    There will be two or three discussion questions for each session to be covered in small groups. We encourage you to set aside time for these questions.

  • The Way of Pilgrimage - Closing Prayer

    Closing Prayer

    A prayer of hope that incorporates the session theme. Said in unison, this prayer can be powerful.

  • The Way of Pilgrimage - Resources for Preparing

    Resources for Preparing

    These are resources (books, movies, etc.) that may help leaders as they prepare to lead the session.

Our Promise

Whether you join a Wonder Voyage or lead one on your own, The Way of Wonder curriculum is available for free.
The curriculum is easy to personalize to meet the needs of your team, and it is adaptable by setting.
When utilized, it will ground your team and prepare them for a deeper pilgrimage experience.

What People Are Saying


Wonder Voyage’s new curricula was so helpful in preparing our group to travel. The outline helped organize our pre-departure meetings and the questions guided our conversations toward important topics. Each guide was flexible enough to be adapted to our group’s needs. The recommended lectio divina portions were especially great conversation points!

- Rebecca

Redeemer Baltimore

Pilgrim preparedness in one perfect package!  Using this curriculum before our pilgrimage has us all on the same page and fully connected before we even hit the road. 

- Kate

Diocesan Missioner for Youth at Episcopal Diocese Of Maryland

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