Wonder Moment: A Bird Flew Through The Church

I had the great blessing of journeying to Canterbury and London with my Sunday School class during the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of high school. I distinctly remember meeting our incredible guide, Molly Wren, who is a true model of what it means to live your faith. Molly grounded us and encouraged us as we learned to journey as a group and with God. I remember the way she prays with arms open, lifting everything to God as God simultaneously pours out through her.

My pilgrimage helped me to understand the global nature of the Church. At the Canterbury Cathedral, I remember everyone being asked to pray the Lord’s Prayer in their native language. The mummer of languages twisting together as we each prayed reminded me that no matter how big the world is, God is bigger.

Warped Window in St. Martin in the Fields at Trafalgar Square

Warped Window in St. Martin in the Fields at Trafalgar Square.

One particular moment during my pilgrimage stands out as a true moment of wonder and transformation. During our time in London, we attended Sunday service at St. Martin in the Fields in Trafalgar Square, the namesake for my home parish. The sanctuary there has a beautiful window behind the altar with a cross sweeping through it. Light fills the sanctuary through that clear glass window that has all the majesty of any stained glass. They released a dove during the passing of the peace. Imagine the light pouring in, a dove ascending into the top of the sanctuary. Peace truly surrounded me. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit. I felt the presence of God stronger than I ever had before. This was the moment I first felt called to ministry.

I am now in my first year of seminary at Seminary of the Southwest as I continue my journey towards priesthood and I can confidently say that my pilgrimage led me here. Thank you, Wonder Voyage! And thanks be to God!

Addie attended Sewanee: the University of the South earning a degree in Religious Studies. She is now a Postulant for Holy Orders from the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta and is attending the Seminary of the Southwest. Addie shares faith, love, and laughter everywhere she goes.

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