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Boundless Expeditions Hits the Road

Boundless Expeditions Hits the Road

Executive Director Shawn Small shares his experience in Big Bend on a recent Boundless Expeditions trip. Recently struck by COVID, the adventure was healing for his mind, body, and spirit.
It's About Time: The Value of a Road Trip

It’s About Time: The Value of a Road Trip

Legacy Director Jamie Richardson shares stories of unity and community discovered on road trips throughout her life. If you're itching for travel, Jamie offers hope ... even during a pandemic.
Travel Touchstone: Coffee Mugs

Travel Touchstone: Coffee Mugs

This week, our voyage coordinator for South America shares the meaning behind his collection of coffee mugs.
Travel Touchstone: Patches

Travel Touchstone: Patches

This week, a founding member of our Legacy community shares his collection of patches.
Travel Touchstones - Rocks and Mugs

Travel Touchstones: Mugs and Rocks

Brett Boyd is a Wonder Voyage Guide who loves to hike. This week he shares how his collection of coffee mugs and rocks keeps him connected with meaningful moments from his travels.
Flower Pictures

Travel Touchstone: Flower Pictures

Today, Rev. Laurel Coote shares the passion behind her collection of flower pictures from her travels.
Travel Touchstones - Earrings

Travel Touchstones: Earrings

Kristy Wendel took her first Adult Journey with Wonder Voyage over a decade ago. Today, she shares the meaning behind the earrings she collects.
Unique Oddities

Travel Touchstones: Unique Oddities

Roy Wallace is a leader in his youth group who has traveled around the world with Wonder Voyage. His collection of oddities are all about remembering the joys of his adventures.

Travel Touchstones: Decorative Boxes

Juanita Boyd is a frequent traveler with Adult Journeys. Today, we continue our Travel Touchstones series with her collection of boxes.

Travel Touchstones: Crosses

This week we share two collections of crosses within the Wonder Voyage Community: Bill Wallace and the Chesser family. Each finds unique symbolism in their touchstones.



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