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Wonder Voyage Guide Spotlight: Jason Wendel
Guide Spotlight: Jason Wendel
Best known as our “web guy,” Jason Wendel has kept this community on the cutting edge of technology since Wonder Voyage’s inception. But there is a whole lot more to him than techy design. Jason is a modern-day explorer and pilgrim. This past year Jason ...
Wonder Voyage Guide Spotlight: Molly Wren
Guide Spotlight: Molly Wren
Wonder Voyage Guide: Molly Wren Anyone who has had the pleasure to know Molly Wren knows that she is a selfless pilgrim both in her travels and in her life. Shawn describes her as, “pilgrimage in human form. It's not so much a sense of call ...
Wonder Voyage Guide Spotlight: Michael Fleming
Guide Spotlight: Michael Fleming
Wonder Voyage Guide: Michael Fleming Over the last twenty years, Michael Fleming has grown from client to board member to one of the most experienced Guides in Wonder Voyage. And his journey started before this organization even had a name. In 1999, Michael was a ...
God in the mountains
 and on the roads of Ireland
Wonder Moment: God in the mountains and on the roads of Ireland
Ireland holds a special place in my heart because, on each of my three trips, I have had a personal encounter with God. On the first two trips, I was a pilgrim, and on the third, I was an intern on the leadership team. On ...
Shoes for a
Blind Woman
Wonder Moment: Shoes for a Blind Woman
For the past two summers, I’ve traveled to Belize to serve along with my church family. Money is tight, but I believe in the power of missions, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. What I never expected, however, is that I would get as ...
The Birth of the Encounter Moment
The Birth of the Encounter Moment
Wonder Voyage specializes in removing people from their routine and inviting them into quiet places where they can connect with God. Our pilgrims unplug from distractions, travel to a unique location, and become immersed in the culture through practices like storytelling, journaling and exploring. When ...
Call to Action: Journaling Your Summer of Wonder
It's coming. The tinge of excitement is building as pilgrims think about that new adventure. Someone is breaking in a new pair of hiking boots. Someone else is wondering how they will get all of that stuff into just one bag. Someone is wondering how ...
Loud Silence at Silver Falls
Wonder Moment: Loud Silence at Silver Falls
Our J2A Pilgrimage took us from San Francisco up the Pacific Coast where we met up with our Wonder Voyage Directors just over the Oregon state line. Though Silver Falls wasn't on our original itinerary, we elected to veer off the schedule a bit to ...
A single Mom's Challenge to God
Wonder Moment: A Single Mom’s Challenge to God
I was 50 years old when Wonder Voyage came into my life with an announcement made at my church to go on pilgrimage to Ireland. It tugged at my heart, but I didn’t really believe I would be able to go. I was a single ...
In the Wilds of Wales
Wonder Moment: In The Wilds Of Wales
As the daughter of the creator of Wonder Voyage, I have been blessed to travel the world and watch Wonder Voyage grow from the ground up. I have witnessed the length and breadth of what God can do when a willing heart leaves its comfort ...
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