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Coffee, Sheep Vandals, And Connection For A Lifetime

Coffee, Sheep Vandals, And Connection For A Lifetime

Kelly and Susan Curry of An Tobar Nua in Galway, Ireland share about their connection with Wonder Voyage and how a practical joke led to decades-long story that is now local lore.
The Meaning Behind The Name- Why Wonder Voyage

The Meaning Behind The Name: Why Wonder Voyage?

Wonder Voyage Executive Director Shawn Small shares how Wonder Voyage got its name.
Happy Birthday, Ken!

Celebrating Ken Janke

As part of our 25th anniversary celebration, Executive Director Shawn Small will share a unique story about each staffer and leader on their birthday. First up: Culinary Pilgrim and Wonder Voyage Founding Father, Ken Janke.
Through the Door- A Look Back At Wonder Voyage's First Year

Through the Door: A Look Back At Wonder Voyage’s First Year

Mike Flickinger starts off our 25th anniversary celebration with a little history lesson about how Wonder Voyage got started.
A Teen's Reflection on New Orleans

A Teen’s Reflection on New Orleans

Jeffery Link is an 8th grader who attends Irving Bible Church. He shares his experience on his first mission trip. The people of New Orleans made a lasting impression on him.
"Belize-ing” in something more- A pilgrim's reflection

“Belize-ing” in something more: A pilgrim’s reflection

A J2A pilgrim, Riley Nee, shares her life-changing experience in Belize.
The Chairousel at the Chairy Orchard

Wonder Moment: The Chairousel at the Chairy Orchard

Senior Voyage Coordinator Molly Wren reflects on the wonder she discovered at a folk art landmark in Denton, Texas called "The Chairy Orchard." Wonder, it seems, can be found in the most unexpected of places.
A painted stone with the word gratitude.

A Note Of Thanks And Gratitude To End 2022

In November, Executive Director Shawn Small traveled to Honduras with his son, Antonio. He left in awe of God's wonder in their lives and a reflection on a year when this organization shouldn't have survived.
Wonder Voyage's Top 5 Christmas Movies

Wonder Voyage’s Top 5 Christmas Movies

We count down Wonder Voyage's Top 5 Christmas movies, complete with why they top the lists of Georgia Small, Eric Neubauer, Michael Flickinger, Chris Larson, and Molly Wren. Did your favorite show make the cut?
Wonder of Christmas

Wonder of Christmas: 4 Holiday Traditions We Love

At Wonder Voyage, we believe that wonder changes everything. That is especially true during the holidays. This week, Ken Janke, Susan Damiano, Eric Neubauer, and Cheryl Small share the holiday traditions that connect them with wonder.



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