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Celebrating John Spencer

John Spencer was part of Wonder Voyage before it was even a fully-formed organization. As we celebrate John's birthday, Executive Director Shawn Small shares a excerpt from his memoir, "Into the Wonder" where he discusses that initial front-porch conversation.
The Expozure Years

The Expozure Years

This week, we look back on Expozure. This unique Survival-style weekend was born out of desperation, but ended up being a solid foundation of community building for Wonder Voyage.

Celebrating Mary Ann Connor

Today we celebrate Mary Ann Connor. Once the backbone of a successful youth ministry, we are glad she has found a home in our bowl of mixed nuts.
Shaking Against the Altar

Shaking Against the Altar

Executive Director Shawn Small shares his prayer for release from Wonder Voyage in 2001. God's answer to that prayer on a mountaintop in Wales solidified his calling that has carried Wonder Voyage through the last 25 years.

Celebrating Chris Larson

Today we celebrate Chris Larson and the defining characteristic that makes him a legacy in the Wonder Voyage community. His laugh.
A Pilgrim's Journey- Why Pilgrimage Matters

A Pilgrim’s Journey: Why Pilgrimage Matters

In the second year of Wonder Voyage, Executive Director Shawn Small discovered the true meaning of pilgrimage. In this article, Michael Flickinger shares how Shawn's experience carrying the cross through Africa impacted how he defined pilgrimage both for himself and the scores of people who have traveled with Wonder Voyage over the last 25 years.

Celebrating Colby Gardener

Today we celebrate Colby Gardener, one of the newest Wonder Voyage Guides. Executive Director Shawn Small describes him as the Huck Finn to his Tom Sawyer.

Celebrating Jason Wendel

As we celebrate Jason Wendel on his birthday, Executive Director Shawn Small reflects on some of their travel adventures. In November, this pair will join roughly 0.00005% of the human race as they accomplish a goal 30 years in the making!

Celebrating Shawn Small

In celebration of Executive Director Shawn Small's birthday, Molly Wren shares her favorite story about him: the day he baptized his daughter in Ireland.

Celebrating Susan Damiano

Executive Director Shawn Small celebrates Guide Susan Damiano on her birthday. While her first Wonder Voyage may have started a bit rocky, it ended with a food fight that lives in Wonder Voyage lore.



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