Adventure and A Stowaway

This summer I led a team of students to Belize to help run a soccer camp. As a Wonder Voyage director, I love to spark curiosity. During a break I led the kids on a hike to explore a nearby park. We came to a pond where one of the kids spotted a small island filled with palm trees that were ripe with gigantic coconuts. The students found a nearby raft, which became an invitation to go on a quest.

The students were suddenly part of that honored group of water-driven explorers: Magellan, Thor Heyerdahl, and Captain Cook. They sailed their raft to the island and collected as many coconuts as they could carry. As they headed back with a treasure chest full of coconut water, our brave sailors, ecstatic in their plundering, noticed a stowaway. An eight-legged arachnid clung to one side of the raft while our the sailors clung to the opposite side. It was a miracle they didn’t tip over.

These are the Wonder Voyage moments that I love and live for, for our students always find adventure where its least expected.

When Antonio was 16 he had an unplanned life-altering encounter with Christ while on a mission trip to NOLA. The trajectory of his life was profound. As one of the original staff, Antonio has been a guide with Wonder Voyage for over 20 years. His unique gifts in business, management, exploration, and faith exemplify his role as both a Voyage Coordinator and Guide.

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