An Alaskan Wonder Voyage

If you have ever wondered if you should visit Alaska, I am here to give you my top ten reasons for taking the leap into the unknown. I like to think of Alaska as a place where wild meets peace. The unique smell when you walk off the plane will lure you to find adventure in both body and spirit. The peaceful sound of the ocean, the cry of eagles, and the stillness of the woods will send you on a pilgrimage of the heart. You will breathe in the fresh air, slow your pace, reflect, and soak in all that your senses can absorb. Beauty untouched, undefiled, unhindered: Alaska truly is The Last Frontier.

Here are ten reasons why you need to see Alaska:

10. It’s Alaska!
9. The ocean is amazingly peaceful.
8. You must discover the self -sufficiency of the Alaskans.
7. The entire state draws you into its mystery.
6. It smells phenomenal and fresh.
5. Alaska offers a slower pace of life.
4. There is an abundance of wildlife.
3. The hiking is unique to anywhere else in the world.
2. The scenery is untouched.
1. I feel there is no better place to connect with God.

If your heart thirst for adventure in the great wide somewhere, Alaska is waiting for you.

Hello, my name is Brett. I love the mountains and love the adventure and beauty they provide for us to experience. I love to see people connect with God and Nature.

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