The Hidden Kingdom: Boundless Expedition into Bhutan

Wonder Voyage Executive Director Shawn Small shares his recent experience on the first Boundless Expeditions trip to Bhutan. Endangered animal sightings, a chance encounter with the future Prime Minister of Bhutan, and being a part of a once-every-three-year tradition alongside the governor... the trip was the adventure of a lifetime.

The reviews are in! Spring Break in Costa Rica was amazing!

A group from Trinity Episcopal Church in Tulsa spent their Spring Break in Costa Rica. Their review reveals that the trip was every bit as wonderful as the pictures made it appear.
France Adult Journey 2022

Adult Journeys: A Reflection on Southern France

Kristy Caver Wendel shares her recent experience on an Adult Journeys pilgrimage to Southern France. If, as an adult, you've ever dreamed of international travel that you didn't have to plan, check out Kristy's experience with this lesser-known branch of Wonder Voyage.
New Pilgrimage Location- North Carolina

New Pilgrimage Location: North Carolina

Voyage Coordinator Brittany Golden shares highlights of a recent scouting trip to North Carolina. If you're looking for oddities, a rich history, and a touch of mystery, check out this unique road trip opportunity.
Top 5 Destinations for Junior High Trips

Top 5 Destinations for Junior High Trips

Wonder Voyage Executive Director Shawn Small reflects on his time in youth ministry and offers his top suggestions for junior high trips.
4 Don't-Miss Locations You Probably Haven't Visited

4 Don’t-Miss Locations You Probably Haven’t Visited

If you think you've "been there and done that," allow us to introduce you to some lesser-known alternatives to Wonder Voyage's most popular US locations.
A Guide’s Guide to the Best U.S. Hikes

A Guide’s Guide to the Best U.S. Hikes

Looking to slow down and reconnect with wonder? This week, Wonder Voyage Guides share their favorite stateside hikes.
Wonder Within 300 Miles

Wonder Within 300 Miles

Skip the airlines and get straight to your Wonder Voyage with road trip destinations within 6 hours of every city in the Lower 48. With our new trip finder tool and exciting team-centered adventures, Wonder is closer than you think!
Top 5 Road Trips to Connect with Wonder

Top 5 Road Trips to Connect with Wonder

Wonder Voyage Executive Director Shawn Small reflects on his family's tradition of road trips and highlights 5 great Wonder Voyage road trip options. Ready to travel? Wonder is closer than you think.
50 States of Wonder

50 States of Wonder: Your Ticket to an Unforgettable Road Trip

Missing travel? Wonder Voyage staff has created a 50 States of Wonder initiative to get pilgrims back on the road. We now have a destination available within a 6-hour drive of anywhere in the US. Whether you are looking for a week-long voyage, an educational weekend trip, or a pre-pilgrimage training weekend, we are ready to meet your travel needs.



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