Be Still and Know

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

Spending time outdoors has always been the best way for me to clear my head or gain understanding. As a child, my best thinking spots were in the woods behind our house or on a branch of the pecan tree in the back yard. Even today, I still crave that time outdoors to think, listen, or just be. When I take time to remove myself from my normal routine, I allow the quiet solitude to open up my eyes to see more clearly and better understand the world around me.

Canyon De ChellyOn a Wonder Voyage to the Navajo Nation, our team hiked to the base of Canyon de Chelly. There is a beautiful area at the bottom where huge cottonwood trees give shade near a little stream. After a rest in the shade, the team leader asked a simple question: “What do you feel?” Most pilgrims offered answers like “peace” or “calm.” But one pilgrim shared that she felt God. She explained that the wind was a reminder to her that God’s spirit was always present with us. Just then, the wind picked up and swirled around us, rustling the leaves in the trees, and our hair and clothes. In that moment, we all understood exactly what she was talking about. We heard, saw, and felt God’s presence among us. On the return hike, every time the wind blew, it was a reminder that God’s presence is always with us. For many, that time in the canyon was the most impactful moment of their trip. For all, it was a reminder to stop and take in the wonder of God that is always around us.

While studying abroad in London, Brittany was able to see the world with new eyes. She returned to the States determined to learn all she could about how God reveals Himself to His people through art, history and culture. It is her desire to share God’s love with pilgrims as they experience Him with new eyes of their own. Brittany instills a passion for exploration and adventure on every voyage.

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