Guide Spotlight: Molly Wren

Wonder Voyage Guide: Molly Wren

Molly WrenAnyone who has had the pleasure to know Molly Wren knows that she is a selfless pilgrim both in her travels and in her life. Shawn describes her as, “pilgrimage in human form. It’s not so much a sense of call as an acknowledgment of God’s presence everywhere, all the time.”

In her 16 years with Wonder Voyage, Molly has gone from an office volunteer during the off-season and a Guide during the summers to now working fulltime as a Voyage Coordinator while still leading summer trips.

Molly describes Wonder Voyage as being like a tribe where the staff, guides, board members, and global partners all work together in a beautiful community. Though the tribe stretches across the globe, “we dwell in the same place with regard to our perspectives about wonder and the role that it plays in the journey of life.”

And in this tribe, that sense of wonder is at the heart of everything we do. “As a community, we are like-minded in the belief that there are moments on the journey that transform us.”

Over the last 16 seasons, Molly has had many moments of wonder that have taken her breath away. The most recent was in Puerto Rico.

“We kayaked through a mangrove swamp at dusk into a huge bay. When it was fully dark, we put our hands in the water, and the mere action of stirring the waters caused the bioluminescent effect of millions of dinoflagellates. The water sparkled like billions of tiny stars, almost like a reflection of the starlit skies above. It was a beautiful reminder to me of the intricate beauty of creation. It reminded me that creativity is a gift to be shared and appreciated.”

Her attention to detail and devotion to our clients make Molly a fantastic Voyage Coordinator, but her approach to life and her ability to see the awe in day-to-day things is what makes her a real leader within Wonder Voyage.

Jamie has been involved with Wonder Voyage for over 15 years. Her passion is connecting givers with worthwhile project as our Legacy Director.

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