Wonder Moment: A Single Mom’s Challenge to God

I was 50 years old when Wonder Voyage came into my life with an announcement made at my church to go on pilgrimage to Ireland. It tugged at my heart, but I didn’t really believe I would be able to go.

I was a single mom who had been living paycheck to paycheck, giving what I could to my church and living in the margins. I gave God a challenge: “If you really want me to go, give me a sign.”

A week later I was walking my dog in my apartment complex before sunrise. I heard a rustling on the ground like leaves rolling across the pavement. When I looked down I saw dollar bills blowing in clusters. I started picking them up and more kept blowing my way. In total I found $144 dollars in small bills. I asked my apartment office if anyone reported money missing and no one had. I took this as my sign, I put the money toward my trip application, and I got my first passport.

Money kept coming in through fundraisers and sponsor letters. A group I volunteered with did a garage sale with the proceeds going toward the trip expense. I was able to raise the entire amount needed with extra funds for new walking shoes and some new luggage.

The trip surpassed all expectations. It gave me insight to how marvelous God’s plan is for us when we step out in faith and follow Him. We did service projects in Northern Ireland, toured the historic places where St Patrick impacted the country, and I learned what pilgrimage is all about.

Each place we went filled my spirit with new energy and gave me awareness that each small part we play in mission was just what was needed at that moment. My confidence grew by leaps and bounds, no longer seeing myself as living in the margins. A beautiful thing happened to my soul; I learned I could do all things through Christ–for real.

Wonder Voyage opened the door to a new perspective and I am forever grateful for the viewpoint. It changed me in countless ways. Stepping out in faith is only the beginning; the prospects are unlimited.

Debra Gillis has been a member of the Wonder Voyage Prayer team since 2003 after going on her first trip to Ireland. She lives in Plano, Texas with her daughter Amy and enjoys her full time position at a company that assists seniors with their Healthcare Benefits. Wonder Voyage helped her see that being over 50 qualifies you to be adventurous and that the journey is not over, it is just begun to get interesting.

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