The Moment of Wonder That Birthed A Campaign

I recently attended a Wonder Voyage communication team gathering at a local Dallas coffee shop. The meeting room we met in is nicknamed “the library” because of the sheer volume of books on the shelves, but every book spine faced the wall. Thousands upon thousands of unlabeled pages taunted me.

As a writer, I grew anxious in that room. What if one of my books that I worked on for months (if not years) becomes a nameless, faceless collection of pages on this “library” shelf? I don’t want my stories to meet that fate.

As the meeting continued my unease grew deeper as I realized that there was more to my frustration than just MY writing and MY stories going unread. God planted a vision in me months ago, and he was using the books on these shelves to give me a visual that my mind could relate to. The vision: giving a voice to the countless unheard stories of wonder within the Wonder Voyage community.

Our focus on wonder separates Wonder Voyage from every other pilgrimage and mission organization in the world. Moments of wonder can be as minor as a shift in perspective or as major as a life trajectory. Just like those books, every story of wonder deserves a voice.

Sharing moments of wonder offers encouragement to others. The stories remind us that God’s voice isn’t limited to the Bible or a weekly church service. God speaks all the time. We may not see a burning bush or witness water turned into wine, but he still moves, guides, and directs us. We just have to listen.

This is where you come in. To help us celebrate our 20th anniversary, we want to hear your encounters with wonder—big or small. We want to hear how God grabbed your attention with an ah-ha moment in the silence of the mountains, the hike that broke you, or the cultural interaction that changed your perspective. You can choose to write the story yourself, or we can chat with you, hear your heart, and write it on your behalf. Here’s how: (link).

Every story is unique. Every story deserves a voice.

We will share a new narrative of wonder every Monday throughout 2019. Connect with us today to add your voice to the 20 Years of Wonder celebration.


Jamie has been involved with Wonder Voyage for over 15 years. Her passion is connecting givers with worthwhile project as our Legacy Director.

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