Wonder of Christmas: It Starts with a Wreath

Editorial note: At Wonder Voyage, wonder is at the heart of everything we do. That focus doesn’t change during the holidays. This Christmas, we are celebrating wonder by sharing some stories and traditions of the holiday season.

It starts with a wreath, then you add the candles. How something so simple begs a response to participate in the sacred, through an activity reflecting purposeful worship, is a heavenly mystery to me. Nightly, as our family gathers around the wreath, the divine is tangible. The advent wreath is my center during the holidays. If He truly is “the reason for the season” then this is a foundational spiritual ritual to take part in.

As I strike the first fire to light that candle, I am instantly expectant for what each week’s theme holds: Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace. Being blanketed in these virtues causes me to settle into His solace that no matter what holiday noise is around me, I can silence it all and find perfect rest for those few moments.

We had many traditions in our family as we raised our kids. An Advent rhythm was our main practice during the Christmas season. As they have grown into adulthood and moved on to create their own traditions in their families, I still cherish this extraordinary time as I continue to light those candles every evening of Advent. It can be a beautiful addition to your Christmas décor, but even more of an addition to your spirit. Enjoy family, friends and the Christmas clatter; but add a delightful moment of time for silence with Him.

Cheryl is a business administrator extraordinaire. Years of office management experience and a love for seeing a staff grow in strength has trained Cheryl for this challenging experience. If you have a question about paperwork, payments or billing give Cheryl a call. She is the wife of Wonder Voyage director, Shawn Small.

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