New Pilgrimage Location: North Carolina

We are constantly on the lookout for new pilgrimage locations. Recently, three Voyage Coordinators head out on a research road trip across North Carolina. As with any trip to a new location, our task was to visit the main vendors, to get a lay of the land, and to understand the crucial characteristics of the region. But what we can never plan for is how the location will share its story with us.

With Shawn in charge, you know there would be some oddities along the way. We started at the Cryptozoology and Paranormal Museum. It was just what you might imagine it would be – strange. As it turns out, this one-off roadside stop was actually a precursor to the unusual and intriguing facets of the upper North Carolina coast.

Any traveler to the area with a Google search bar can find small towns like Edenton with Colonial roots and Civil War monuments. But a closer look reveals a unique perspective into the locals’ efforts to help slaves escape to the North. From there, as we crept closer to the coast, the swampy, alligator habitat inched closer to the road’s shoulder. A generic travel guide might include the Outer Banks, where visitors can enjoy innocent pirate-themed putt-putt courses and ice cream parlors on their way to see where the Wright Brothers first took flight. But we spent more time on Roanoke Island, where the still-unsolved mystery of the “Lost Colony” cast a hazy vibe and left us feeling unsettled.

Overall I found the area to offer a gentle charm with its centuries-old farmhouses, neighboring miles of corn and tobacco crops, and picturesque lighthouses near the water. But this charming facade covers up an eerie past, and I can’t wait to discover more with our pioneer group to the North Carolina Coast this Fall.

No matter what you’re looking for, Wonder Voyage has a road trip for you. Check out our 50 States of Wonder tool on our homepage to find one within 6 hours of anywhere in the continental US. This maiden trip to North Carolina proved once again… Wonder is closer than you think.

While studying abroad in London, Brittany was able to see the world with new eyes. She returned to the States determined to learn all she could about how God reveals Himself to His people through art, history and culture. It is her desire to share God’s love with pilgrims as they experience Him with new eyes of their own. Brittany instills a passion for exploration and adventure on every voyage.

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