Why Wonder Voyage? 5 Reviews Explain

Wonder Voyage Guides earned 98% positive reviews during Summer travel for 2022! Group leaders boasted that their group grew closer together, broke through cliques, became more mission-minded, and gained new perspectives. Check it out!

“Grew closer to God and each other” in Maine

With the wind in our hair, 8.4 miles logged on our pedometers, and a joyful tune in our hearts, the St. John’s Youth truly made God our Maine priority through our Wonder Voyage experience. The stunning sights, hospitable staff, planned events, and intentional moments of wonder created an experience we will share about for years to come. We worshiped seaside and prayed mountainside. We ate and laughed and sang loudly. We grew closer to God and to each other. And all the while, the logistics were taken care of for us so we didn’t have to worry about any of it! – Georgi, St John, MD

Broke through youth group cliques in Navajo Nation

We came into this journey as eight youth from very different life and family experiences. Although we all knew and liked (and maybe even loved!) each other before this pilgrimage, we were still stuck in our little cliques within our own group. Through this week together, we were able to break those cliques (or at least begin to chip away at them) and see our fellow youth group members in different ways. To come to rely on others outside our own “group” and see them as “new” friends. To see God in each other and in ourselves. – Stuart H, St Clements, CA

“Students became more missional” in Austin

Our Austin experience was one that our team was able to lean into serving in simple ways that helped my students become more missional in their service and worship. We got to see different types of organizations and see how they help those in need; exposing our team to the way others need help was incredibly compelling for us to live a life of service to those in need as Christ did.  – Jonathan C, Irving Bible Church

“Sacred experiences that encouraged new perspectives” in Alaska

Through Wonder Voyage’s fantastic guidance and organization, our group was able to journey out of our comfort zones and into the breathtaking wilderness of Juneau, Alaska, forging incredible new friendships and growing with one another as we encountered God’s creation in wonder together. It is hard to contain such a fulfilling, joyful, wonderfully exhausting, and laughter-filled week in words. From 10-mile hikes through Tongass National Forest to glacial views, humpback whale kayaking encounters to moments of quiet meditation beside the sea, from following trails into the clouds and snow up Mt. Roberts to creating new, accessible paths for visitors to the Shrine of St. Therese, this pilgrimage was packed with sacred experiences that encouraged new perspectives, new strengths, and new lasting bonds. – Maggie, St John’s Ross

“Wonder Voyage exceeded all expectations” in Puerto Rico

Our Wonder Voyage exceeded all expectations. We had a wide range of ages of kids and adults, yet everyone worked well together.  We enjoyed serving locals and hearing their stories. They were so grateful for our efforts.  The day at the rainforest adventure, kayaking, and our time in San Juan were great adventures. – Jackie, St Stephens, MI

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Jamie has been involved with Wonder Voyage for over 15 years. Her passion is connecting givers with worthwhile project as our Legacy Director.

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